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AI-secretary for taking notes and logging your online meetings

Tired of filling out and sending to everyone participants minutes and summaries of meetings? FollowUP will do this for you.
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  • Transcribes the entire conversation
  • Fixes tasks, deadlines and responsible persons
  • Fixes agreements and creates a short summary
  • Distributes the protocol and summary to all participants

Customize the protocol format

  • Summary of key discussion topics with conclusions for each
  • Tasks, responsibilities and deadlines
  • Key points
  • Participants and their roles
  • Unanswered questions for further discussion
  • Suggestions and recommendations from participants
  • Tonality and mood at the meeting
  • Transcription of the entire conversation
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Register and get 300 free minutes of online meeting processing


How it works

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    Google Meet
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    Google Calendar
  • Invited to a meeting via a link or connected a calendar
  • ✅ Our bot connected and recorded the meeting
  • ⏳ Processing of the meeting 3-10 minutes after the end
  • 📩 Sent to you and the meeting participants by mail and saved in your personal account
  • 🏆 Received the protocol
  • Transcription accuracy > 98%
  • The quality of summary allows you to save 100% of important information, tasks and agreements

1000+ satisfied users.
20+ corporate clients

Our team is ready to further train and adapt our AI models taking into account the specifics of your work

For customers using 500+ hours monthly

Our plans

  • Free
    For individuals starting out
    300 minutes free
    Further from 1.5 rub/minute
    Pay only for conferences processed based on volume
  • Cost per minute
    For small and growing teams
    от 1,5 rub/minute
    When purchasing from 6000 minutes
    • 3 rub/minute
      600 minutes
    • 2,5 rub/minute
      from 600 to 3000 min
    • 2 rub/minute
      from 3000 to 6000 min
    • 1,5 rub/minute
      from 6000 min
  • To corporative clients
    For large enterprises
    Individual conditions
    • Hosting on your servers
    • Improvements and integrations with any corporate solutions (task managers/CRM, etc.)

Our solution is already being used in the following industries

  • Sales
    Fill out your CRM, train sales team, and close deals more quickly.
  • Recruiting
    Better candidate screening, smooth communication and collaboration.
  • Consulting
    Easily draft reports by automatically documenting decisions and commitments.
  • Engineering
    Automate meeting notes, documentation, and follow-up actions.
  • Marketing
    Identify competitors, analyse sentiment, and successfully execute marketing initiatives.
  • Management
    Cut through the noise & understand the reason behind decisions in your organization.
  • Education
    Automatically take lecture notes, highlight and mark important parts.
  • Media & Podcasting
    Media & Podcasting
    Generate transcript and subtitles for your podcast, audio and video.

Секция с логотипа пользователь

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Data privacy

We work on our own servers and models. We do not transfer data to ChatGPT
    • B2B
    • B2C
    • SaaS Version
    Transcription and sammariation takes place on our servers, hosted in reliable data centers
    • All data is transmitted via secure channels
    • We use our own server capacities, on which our solutions are deployed using OpenSource LLM models
    • Payment option: for individuals and corporate clients
    Try for free
    • B2E
    • On-Premise version
    We will deploy the solution on your servers using proprietary developments
    • Guarantee of complete safety of data and work in the company's circuit
    • Customization of the solution for your needs, improvement of integration with corporate services, unlimited corporate license
    • Development of specialized protocols for individual departments
    • Further training of the solution for the specifics of the company or department (sales, marketing, development), etc.
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