How to adjust the sound in Zoom on a computer or smartphone

15 November 2023

Pre-configuring the functions of online meeting apps is very important. This allows you to save time and not get into an unpleasant situation. In the article, we will analyze how to adjust the sound in Zoom to ensure good communication and make sure that all participants in the meeting hear the speaker.

Sound setting in Zoom on the phone

First of all, as soon as the first conference is launched, you need to allow the application to use the microphone. This is necessary so that there will be no further difficulties with the translation. If such a window does not appear, you will need to enable the permission manually. Go to the application settings, open the permissions tab and move the slider. 


There is a way to check the sound in Zoom without a conference. Just go to the application settings and click the “Conference” tab and in the “Automatic connection to the “audio conference” check the box next to “Wi-Fi or sending cellular network data”. 

Auto-Connect to Audio

If the conversation has already started, tap on the screen to display the menu. In the upper left part of the speaker image, the incoming sounds are turned on and off. In the lower left part, by clicking on the microphone icon, you can turn off or start the broadcast from the user. 

If headphones are shown in place of this icon, then the parameter is completely disabled in the settings. Hold down the icon with headphones and tap on “Call using device sound” in the window that appears.

Sound setting in Zoom on computer

Audio activation on a computer or laptop is almost the same. At the first launch of the application, the user can also check the operation of the sound components, or skip this item by selecting “Log in using computer sound”. 

It is best to check the component settings in advance so that a broken speaker or microphone does not become a surprise right during an important meeting. Also on the computer, using the internal settings of the system, you can change the sound quality. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with all these parameters in advance and check the components on your computer using standard applications. 


You can also control the sound during an online call. While on the main conference screen, click on the arrow located near the microphone icon in the lower left corner of the menu. In the pop–up window, select the lowest item – settings. Next, just go to the “Sound” tab and tick the appropriate parameters. In particular, we are interested in the item “Automatically enter an audio conference from a computer when entering the conference”. 

Automatically adjust mic

Also in this window, you can check the audio broadcast using special buttons for this, set the volume level. If you plan not only to listen during the call, but also to talk, make sure that the microphone is working properly by using the check button next to the “Microphone” item. 

Before you can adjust the sound in Zoom without connecting to the conference, you need to register. You can change the parameters without registration only during a call. You can do this manually by clicking on the corresponding icons. To save time, use Alt+A keyboard shortcuts.

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