How to block a group call in Whatsapp – detailed instructions

13 May 2024

The prevalence of the messenger is due to its wide capabilities, it allows you to quickly exchange messages, call a subscriber without increasing the cost of charging mobile operators. It is especially often used in the educational environment, all conversations about transferring communication to other social networks remain intentions. Sending text, audio and video files to anywhere in the world is convenient, but those who use them do not always think that the interlocutors may be busy, for example, being at a meeting, negotiating, etc.

We’ll tell you how to block a group call in Whatsapp and keep the ability to use information and avoid the inconvenience of someone trying to get everyone together at the wrong time online.  

How to disable Whatsapp calls on Android

Whatsapp на Android

To understand how to block a group call in Whatsapp, if you have an Android system installed, you need to figure out a messenger device that does not have a built-in call mute function. However, earlier versions did not use VoIP calls. Accordingly, switching to one of them can solve this problem. There are other ways for a standard and common telephone system, more on them below.

Using an older version of WhatsApp

Voice calls over IP did not appear immediately, so switching to the «ancient» version may be a way out if you need to restrict access to you for a while. The difficulty is that the manufacturer removes early product modifications over time, but this happens gradually. At the time of writing, versions without voice are still in circulation.

In addition, when switching to the old version, you will not be able to use other features of the new version. But if this does not matter to you, then proceed according to the following algorithm:

  • copy the information, as it can be deleted, for this purpose there is a backup function via BACK UP in the settings;
  • download the version up to the second, 12.4, start the installation and wait for it to finish;
  • use the recovery section to restore the necessary files.

Using third-party applications

Applications developed by third-party companies are also used for blocking. The demand for the program causes the emergence of new developments.



GBWhatsApp is an advanced version of the messenger with the function of blocking calls and video calls. Its use also allows you to hide blue daws, customize fonts, layouts, and delete messages after sending.

In order not to be left without deleted information, it can also be copied via backup, and then disable incoming calls. This is done through the settings, traditionally marked with a colon in the corner of the right side of the screen. The option is located in the Other Mods section.

Disable WhatsApp calls

The Disable WhatsApp calls application is considered a more advanced application with the «green messenger» function, it is also able to block incoming voice calls.

The principle of blocking is about the same. After downloading and installing the application, log in to the Service and click on «Disable Whatsapp calls». At the same time, the settings allow you to leave receiving notifications and outgoing calls when incoming calls are blocked. You can even forward calls to another number.

This list of applications is not exhaustive, you can find other similar services on the web.

Mute voice calls

Many users need a temporary opportunity to be unavailable for calls, including group calls. This can be done if you set up mute when trying to contact you. In the settings of the service menu, select notifications and click «No». You can also leave the vibration mode on, so you will be aware of the incoming call, but this will not prevent you from doing other things. The vibration volume can be adjusted in such a way that neither you nor others will interfere with your activities.

How to ban Whatsapp Group Calls on iPhone

Whatsapp на iPhone

You won’t be able to block them on your device, but there are three simple solutions.

Silent phone

Although the device does not have the ability to ban calls, it is equipped with a mute. Silent mode is turned on by the switch on the left, which then turns on the sound.

Turn on the «Do not disturb» mode

You can tell others that you are busy through the «Do not disturb» mode. It will mute not only phone calls, including IP, but also alerts with notifications. Sometimes you need to disconnect from them while staying online. Most people adequately perceive this withdrawal from communication, without making attempts to change it.

The mode is activated through the control center by clicking on the crescent-shaped icon resembling a crescent moon. The mode contains settings that allow you to block attempts to connect with you via the «green messenger» separately. In the same way, you can set up similar things on other social networks.

Block the caller

Finally, there remains the possibility of blocking an individual subscriber or several. He won’t find out about it, so you can safely add to the list any annoying fan or person with whom you would not like to communicate at this moment. If necessary, unlock it when you decide that you are ready to receive a call.

To be included in an emergency:

  • opening a chat;
  • find the blocked contact in the addressee field;
  • click «Block».

Whatsapp is a popular messenger, with its help you can contact 32 subscribers at the same time, and for this there is a group call, but not everyone is ready for this function, at least around the clock. That is why there are requests to refuse this or that action, since the rest of the requester is satisfied.


One of the questions that may arise is whether it is possible to restore a deleted call, because sometimes we unknowingly press buttons without thinking about the consequences. The answer is yes, because the developers are improving the program, and there are third-party solutions.

It has been noticed that this problem occurs less often with phone calls. Perhaps it’s the free Internet calls, the lack of payment for them increases the frequency of attempts to get through. Turning off the phone is not the best solution, because users do not plan to log off the network.

Regardless of whether you have an Android or an iPhone, options are offered. In the first case, it is switching to the old version, downloading and installing special applications, and turning off the sound when trying to connect. In the second – «silent», a special «Do not disturb» mode and blocking of individual recipients. Until the creator himself has incorporated the built-in function into the program, you have to use workarounds. We have revealed all the ways to block a group call in Whatsapp. You can apply any of them.

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