How to check the camera in Zoom and is it possible to participate in the conference without it?

18 October 2023

To use the possibilities of remote communication to the maximum, the user must connect video and audio calls. In the article we will analyze how to check the camera in Zoom without a conference, so that you do not need to be distracted by checking the parameters at the time of an important meeting. 

How to check the camera on a computer

First of all, make sure that the camera is connected directly to the PC or laptop itself. The program itself provides for the possibility of testing videos outside of the current conference. To do this, run the program and open the start page if it did not start automatically. To do this, click on the icon of the house. 

Video Settings

Once on the main page, find the gear icon. These are settings, in the menu of which there is a tab “Video Image”. Clicking on it will take you to the settings. If the camera on your device is working, a window with the user’s image will open. You can also adjust the parameters in the video settings: 

  • cameras, in particular, change the resolution and size, as well as switch between cameras if several are connected; 
  • video, for example, choose a mirror image, correct the appearance by adjusting the image correction parameters; 
  • additional settings – remove or leave the display of the names of participants and some other types of activities; 
  • advanced settings in which the user can access the adjustment of hardware acceleration and other important parameters.

To troubleshoot the operation, the user can use the built-in troubleshooting function on the “My Video” tab.

Test conference to test the camera in Zoom

The Zoom has a tool that allows you to perform a check. The test conference can be launched via any browser using the link . After redirecting to the desired page, click “Log in” and then start the test conference. 

Conditional verification will begin. The user will need to answer the question whether he hears the ringtone. In case of a negative answer, it is worth checking the settings of your PC or laptop. Most likely, the microphone function is disabled. This is not a complicated action that needs to be performed as well as checking the camera in Zoom. 

What problems can there be with the camera in Zoom


The most common problem that an application user may encounter is the lack of an image. You can try to fix the situation in the “video image” section. Find there the item “turn on my video when entering the conference” and check the box next to it. 

The use and low speed of the Internet greatly overshadows. Because of it, files are not loaded, the video slows down and freezes. It will not be possible to solve this problem just like that. In this case, you need to think about changing the provider or connecting to a more stable and fast connection, if there is such an opportunity.

The user may also encounter the fact that the use of the camera is blocked by the system of the device (stationary PC or laptop). To fix this problem, go to the settings of your operating system and find the “Privacy” section and grant access to the Zoom application in the permissions tab. 

Do I necessarily need a camera and microphone for conferences?

You can be a participant of the conference without connecting video and audio. For communication, you can use a text chat, which is available to all participants of the meeting without exception. A microphone is also optional, but in this case the program literally turns into a regular messenger, although you will be able to see and hear other participants. It doesn’t matter if you plan to use all the features of the application, but how to check the camera in Zoom without a conference is still worth knowing. 

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