How to communicate in Zoom on an iPhone phone – a complete overview of the features on an iPhone

22 March 2024

Zoom is a very convenient application. It simplifies communication in the learning process, helps to establish interaction between colleagues, allows you to communicate with relatives, friends, acquaintances. The advantage is also that the application works on different platforms. In the article, we will analyze how to communicate in Zoom on an iPhone phone in order to use all the client’s capabilities to the maximum. 

How to use Zoom on iPhone

Zoom registration on iPhone

First of all, install the application on your device, launch it and go through the registration procedure. Enter information about your email address and name in the appropriate items, confirm your agreement with the terms and click «register”.

An email will be sent to the email address specified during registration with a link that you need to follow to confirm registration. A user with active Facebook or Gmail accounts can log in automatically through them. Then you can connect to the conference or create your own.

How to add contacts

To conveniently add users to a conversation, it is necessary that their contacts be added to the corresponding menu item manually. There is no automatic synchronization with the device’s notebook. Go to the «contacts» tab, click on the «+» icon in the upper corner of the menu that opens and select «add contact» from the drop-down list.

Adding contacts

You will only need to enter the email address of the user you want to add, and they will receive an invitation. When the user accepts it, you will receive a request to confirm the addition. Now this user will be in your contacts list in Zoom until you decide to delete it yourself. You will have access to various ways to interact with users from the list, such as calling, chatting, and sending files.

How to create a conference

Zoom is primarily designed for organizing online conferences. Not everyone can immediately figure out this function, although the application menu is quite simple and intuitive. The conference is created from the main screen after clicking on the camera icon with the name «new conference».

At the first launch, you will be asked to give access to the main components of the device (microphone, camera, speaker). Accept requests to communicate fully. To add users to the conversation, click on the «participants» tab, and select «invite» from the drop-down menu. Choose a convenient way to add, send invitations, and after confirmation, participants will be added to the conversation room.

How to create a conference

How to join someone else’s conference in Zoom

In addition to creating your own conference, you can add to other users’ meetings. The easiest and most common way is to get a link from the organizer and connect by clicking on it. Or use a special identifier, which must also be provided by the organizer or other participant of the meeting. Enter the data in the appropriate field when connecting and wait for the administrator’s approval.

Conference functions on the iPhone

The Zoom developers have thought through the functionality of their application well and provided it with a sufficient set of convenient functions. They make communication complete, convenient and diverse. The main ones are focused on the lower toolbar of the main conference window:

Use the headphone icon to control the sound;

  • the image of the video camera will allow you to control the broadcast image;
  • in the center of the menu there is a «share» button, which will allow you to send a file, a link, and start broadcasting your screen for clarity;
  • the «participants» item makes it possible to manage invited interlocutors, send them personal messages, files, links, etc.;
  • the last button with three dots «more details» will give you access to the conference settings, chat, and virtual background selection.

Now you know how to communicate in Zoom on your iPhone phone in order to use its resources to the fullest. If you set up all the parameters in advance, it will save you time during the conference and allows you to immediately start important discussions without being distracted by organizational issues.

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