How to connect to the Zoom conference from your phone

15 November 2023

Zoom, as an application for online conferences, became especially popular after the pandemic, when everyone had to urgently transfer all their meetings to a remote format. The client can be installed on any platform or use the web version. However, in this article we will analyze in detail how to connect to the Zoom conference from your phone, as well as what to do if there are difficulties in the process.

How to access the Zoom app on your phone

Copy invite link

Smartphones are a convenient, almost always accessible means of communication with a huge number of functions. For zoom conferences, this option is chosen by many users. This allows you to work from anywhere, to be a full participant in the workflow. To use the mobile version of the app and arrange a meeting, you need to: 

  • install the app on your smartphone; 
  • register;
  • start a meeting;
  • add participants with the command “Invite – Participants – Copy URL”;
  • send out an invitation. 

The next option to log in to Zoom from your phone is to connect via an identification number.

Joining the conference using the meeting ID

It is not difficult to become a participant in a meeting using an identification number to connect, and the process itself takes a minimum of time. You can do this via the “Log in to the conference” tab. The user will be required to enter the ID itself directly and an eight-digit password. After connecting, the user will be able to set the desired sound or video settings. You can leave these functions disabled if you will be present only as a listener. 

Using a special link

Using a special link

The next option on how to connect Zoom on your phone is to use the link provided by the organizer. It is quite simple to start a meeting in this way, for this: 

  • open the link;
  • wait for the application to open;
  • confirm your consent;
  • after launching, enter your data;
  • confirm your actions. 

How to enter the conference without registration

Next, we will analyze how to connect to the Zoom conference from the phone without registering. Such an opportunity is indeed provided by the developers, but at the same time the user’s functionality will be limited, and some features are not available. To become a participant of the conference via the phone, bypassing the registration process, you will need: 

  • download the app and run it;
  • log in to the conference;
  • enter the ID and your data;
  • confirm the login and wait for the connection. 

In order not to enter your data every time, check the box “Remember my name for future conferences” at the filling stage. This one-second action will save you time in the future. 

How to exit the conference in Zoom

When the meeting is over, you can end the session and close the client. How to do it correctly, we tell you further: 

  • click on the gear icon at the top of the screen;
  • click on the profile photo;
  • in the menu, select “Log out”;
  • confirm your action. 

What to do if you have problems connecting to Zoom

There are often difficulties with authorization on the platform. This is often due to entering an incorrect password. In this case, ask the organizer to resend the link and repeat all the login steps again. 

If the connection problem is that the Internet connection is broken, try restarting your router and trying to log in again. Often the reason may be the application itself on the phone, its incorrect operation. In this case, reinstall the client or update it, if there is such a possibility. 

We hope our article has closed the question of how to connect to the Zoom conference from your phone. You will have to carefully study how to act in situations when the application does not want to work in order to use all its features without fear. 

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