How to connect to a Skype conference and what is needed for this?

18 October 2023

Skype is one of the first programs that created the possibility for its users to create group meetings. Until now, the program remains in demand among corporate and physical users. We found it necessary to figure out how to connect to the Skype conference so that users would not face any more difficulties. 

Necessary hardware and software


To successfully join the meeting, the user will need a certain set of software and hardware. First of all, it is the PC itself with a stable Internet connection, otherwise Skype will work unstable or will not be able to connect to the meeting at all. 

To be not only a listener, but also an active participant in the meeting, make sure that the microphone and video camera are in good condition. To do this, run a test run of these tools through the built-in system programs. Also, do not forget to check the audio transmission devices – headphones or speakers. Otherwise, the speakers of your conference will remain unheard. 

And finally, download the Skype program to your computer via an official source, if it is not already installed. Register in the client and set the necessary settings to make it convenient for you. Do this in advance so that during a responsible online event you will not be interrupted to fix technical problems. 

How do I connect to a Skype conference?

Previously, Skype was almost the only application with the ability to make video calls, including with a large number of participants. Today there are many other programs offering similar features. But we will figure out how to join the conference on Skype, since this application is still very much in demand and offers a wide range of functionality for its users. 

Step 1: Install Skype on your device

Install Skype

Installation should not cause difficulties. Just download the application from the official website to your device by selecting the version suitable for your OS. After the download is complete, run the installer and follow the instructions. After that, all that remains is to press the end button. 

Step 2: Register or log in to your account

Register or log in to your account

You have installed the program, now you need to register to start using its features to the fullest. If the account was created earlier, just enter the data, otherwise follow the recommendations: 

  • open the program’s website;
  • click “create account”;
  • enter your current data;
  • come up with a password;
  • enter your country and phone number. 

Now you can use the program on your computer. 

Step 3: Create or join a conference

Create or join a conference

After completing the registration, you can connect to an already created meeting or organize your own. To create a conference: 

  • run the program;
  • select the contacts you want to invite in the “chats” section;
  • click “create group chat”;
  • enter the name and description if necessary;
  • click “create”. 

All that remains is to send a link to the event to all participants and wait for them to join. If you are an invited participant yourself: 

  • open the app;
  • go to the “chats” section;
  • select the desired event;
  • click “join the chat”. 

Now you are a full participant of the meeting. 

Step 4: Send an invitation to the participants

 Send an invitation to the participants

It is very important to know how to correctly create a link to the conference in Skype and send it to the right participants. For this: 

  • log in with your account; 
  • find a previously created conference; 
  • select it and click “share”; 
  • choose the appropriate way to send the invitation;
  • if necessary, add additional comments to the invitation; 
  • click “Send” or “Share”.

After completing all these actions, participants will receive invitations and will be able to join your meeting. 

How to join a Skype conference via a link without registration


You can become a participant of the meeting without installing the application on your computer, phone or tablet. Having a link to the meeting, you can join the conference, for what: 

  • click on the invitation link;
  • in the window that opens, select “join as a guest”;
  • in the drop-down window at the top right, click “allow”;
  • turn on the tools (microphone, camera);
  • enter your name and click “join”.

The participant of the conference can enable the demonstration of the screen, if necessary, by clicking on the corresponding label on the control panel at the bottom. You can open a comfortable presentation format through the “view” button at the top right of the screen. By hiding the list of participants, you will get an enlarged demo screen. You can adjust the magnification by selecting the appropriate parameters in the lower right corner. When the conference is over, press the red button with the handset icon on it. 

Tips for using Skype for conferences

Man at laptop

To make the work more effective, you can use several useful tips, namely: 

  • update the program to the latest version for its stable operation;
  • make sure that the provider provides a stable internet connection;
  • inform all participants in advance about the date and time of the event;
  • get confirmation from the participants about the availability of the program and access to the LC;
  • create a group of participants on Skype to invite them even faster;
  • make sure that all instruments (microphone, camera, headphones or speakers) are working properly;
  • configure all tools to the required parameters;
  • make a record of the meeting to be able to sort out the nuances. 

We have figured out how to connect to a Skype conference in different ways and how to create meetings yourself. If you carefully follow the recommendations from the article, then you will no longer have any questions and difficulties when using it.

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