How to create a conference in Zoom on a computer and smartphone

10 May 2024

Today, it is very useful to understand how to create a conference in Zoom. This platform is one of the most popular and widely used for organizing online meetings. Next, we will analyze a clear step-by-step plan and answer several popular questions.

How to create a conference in Zoom on a computer

Zoom on the computer

It is very convenient to use the desktop version. There are many useful functions and features for the user. First of all, download the program and install it. You can find the required version on the official website, it’s free. Wait for the installation to complete, and then click on the application icon to launch it. 

Next, before creating a conference in Zoom, you will need to log in to the application. In the application window that opens, click «Log in». If you have never created an account before, you can quickly log in via Google or Facebook services. Another way is to complete registration on the official client page, and then enter the data in the program. 

On the main screen of the application, click «New Conference». Next, a window opens where the user can check the functionality of the main components, namely the camera, microphone and speaker. During the conversation, the user will also have the opportunity to adjust some functions, for which you need to go to the appropriate section, which is located on the lower control panel. The user can apply different backgrounds, apply effects or a mask. 

Adding to the conversation

Zoom Conference

To add users to an event, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. The «Participants» tab. Click on the arrow next to the tab, select «Invite».
  2. A list of contacts. Go to the contact book and select those who should take part in the meeting.
  3. Email. Copy the link and send it by email to the users.
  4. Automatic copying. Check the box in the general settings so that the link is copied automatically after creating the meeting.

You can also do this through the «Invite new members» button on the main screen. The function is available during the call, just stop the video, go to the invitations tab, send them out, and then resume the meeting.

Managing participants

Calling in the Zoom

After you have made a conference in Zoom and invited participants, you can manage the connection and other important functions. Upon receiving the invitation, the guest must accept it, after which he is redirected to the waiting room. The organizer must click the «accept» button to transfer him from the waiting room. Other functions are also available:

  • mute the sound; 
  • sending messages; 
  • appointment as an administrator; 
  • renaming; 
  • transfer to the waiting room.

Screen demonstration


Any presentation can be made even more visual and informative if you enable a screen demonstration. It is possible to broadcast auxiliary materials, graphics, images, and other material that allows you to more accurately reveal the topic of the meeting. 

The corresponding button is located on the lower control panel. Clicking on it will open a window in front of the user where you can select the broadcast format:

  • the screen is a transfer of everything that happens on the presenter’s screen; 
  • the program from the organizer’s computer can be selected for the slide show; 
  • The board allows all participants to leave their notes.

To fix your choice, click on the desired mode and confirm the action with the «sharing» button.

How to record a conference in Zoom

How to record a conference in Zoom

Sometimes it’s not enough to understand how to make a conference in Zoom, you want to know as many useful functions as possible and be able to apply them. One of these is screen recording. This allows you to further use the information that was voiced during the event. 

You can enable automatic recording in the program:

  • open the events section;
  • select «Schedule a conference», or one of the scheduled ones and click «edit»;
  • while on the options tab, check the box next to the automatic recording offer;
  • save the changes.

After performing these manipulations, each meeting will be automatically saved. You can also enable instant saving if such a feature is provided in your program settings. To do this, click the record button on the bottom toolbar. 

How to create an online conference in Zoom on a smartphone

Zoom on iPhone

Not all users prefer the desktop version of the client. For some, it is more convenient to use their smartphone for communication. The developers have provided such an opportunity. To get started, download the app to your device and run it after installation. 

Also, as in the case of the computer version of the program, you will need to log in. On the home screen, click on the camera icon to start a new meeting. To exit, tap on the screen and select an action in the window that appears:

  • complete for everyone if the event is over; 
  • get out, if only you leave her.

From your smartphone, you can create a conference in Zoom or invite participants to it. To do this, use the already familiar manipulations with the contact list, email or messengers. To manage the list, go to the «participants« tab, click on any name and select the necessary action. A number of settings are also available to the user, including audio, video, and broadcast.

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