How to create a link in the Zoom for the conference – detailed instructions

10 October 2023

«How to create a link in the Zoom for a conference ?” – this question has become one of the leading among those who often hold online meetings. This whole story began during the pandemic, and now the need for such calls is only growing. We are talking about negotiations of colleagues, communication of friends, masterminds groups.

Since online learning is now in high demand, opportunities for correspondence in social networks and watching videos on YouTube are no longer enough. People started using the Zoom program. This cloud platform allows you to hold online events in video format – from lectures to webinars, courses for Free, you can talk for only 40 minutes and gather up to 100 users. Let’s look at how to work with a cloud service.

How to make a permanent link in Zoom for the current broadcast

Instructions for computers

The guy at the laptop

Via data

  1. In the upper left part of the program, you will see the “Conference Data” icon. Click on it.
  2. A new window “Invitation Link” will appear in front of you. Here you need to click on “Copy”.
  3. After the URL is successfully copied, a new message about it will appear – so you will be notified that the process was successful. 

If there is a need, you can share it with other participants. To send a link to the conference in Zoom, you can use both the “Contacts” section and your messengers.

Via members

Pay attention to the bottom panel where the “Participants” button is located. Here you only need to click on the arrow icon. A menu with a choice will appear in front of you – you need to click on “Copy invitation”. As soon as you perform this action, a message about successful copying will pop up.

Via “Conferences”

After selecting the current broadcast, click on “Copy invitation”. This action will allow you to copy a short text. It will consist of a link, an identifier and an access code to the broadcast.

How to copy a link to a conference in Zoom

The easiest way is to use the keyboard shortcut “Alt+Shift+I”. It will allow you to copy automatically. 

Instructions for phones

The guy with the phone

Via conference data

In the upper central part you will find the heading “Zoom with a green icon”. You need to click on it to get all the data. In the “Invitation Link” category, hold this inscription with your finger, and then release it and click on “Copy”.

Via members

Go to the “Participants” category. In the lower left part, select “Invite”, and then “Copy”.

How to make a link to the planned conference in Zoom

Instructions for computers

Girl at laptop

If you are creating a scheduled meeting

Everything is simple here: click on “Schedule” in the main section of the application, fill in all the data, click on “Save”. Done. To copy the information, click on “Copy to Clipboard”.

Via the “Conferences” section

Go to the section, click on the appropriate one, and then copy the invitation. This text can be shared with the participants.

Instructions for phones


If you are creating a scheduled meeting

Click on “Schedule”, fill in the data and save it. Select the text with the link, copy it.

Via “Conferences”

Click on the name of the selected broadcast. Add the invitees and click “Copy”. Everything is ready.

Now you know how to create a link in the Zoom for a conference and send it to friends, colleagues on PC and phone.

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