How to create a meeting in Google Mit (Google Meet)

18 October 2023

Google Meet is a virtual meeting service. The application is in constant development and occupies an important place among competitors. Initially, it was developed for the interaction of business partners, but now anyone can set up a free videoconference to communicate with friends or at work. Let’s consider how to create a meeting in Google Mit and its other features.

Organization of video broadcasting in the room

If it is not possible to attend the meeting in person, the application will become an accessible and convenient way to communicate with your friends or business/work colleagues. You will need:

  • silence in the room;
  • internet;
  • PC/laptop/tablet;
  • external or built-in webcam.

First of all, your task as a user is to log in to the browser and create a personal account. This process is completely free.

How to create a conference in Google Mit

Man with laptop

Open the Google home page and find the icon with the image of the application. Click on it, and then activate the inscription “New meeting” in the lower left corner. You will be offered three options for setting up a conference meeting: creating a meeting, starting a meeting with an instant start and scheduling it.

New broadcast

If you click on “Create a meeting”, a link will appear for copying and saving. In the future, it can be sent to all participants by their e-mail or through another available messenger.

Each visitor is assigned in the “Guests” column. In the data, you need to specify an email. 

The organizer has the right to open access to the functions for guests. They are located in the “Permissions” section. It’s about the possibility:

  • change event settings;
  • invite other participants;
  • to see everyone who was invited.

Quick launch

Hand on mouse

You can create a meeting in Google Meet both in the standard way and by activating instant launch. To do this, take care of the application’s access to the screen, audio and webcam, and then click on the plus sign and start the meeting.

This method has the advantage of being able to connect people during a conference meeting.To do this, tap the icon in the form of a person with a plus sign and select the desired interlocutor from the suggested list. If you need to find someone, use the search via email.

Scheduled meeting

To optimize your work, link the app to the calendar. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Directly in the application. Open it and tap the cross. Activate the calendar icon, and then schedule a meeting in it. In the menu you will see different functionality that allows you to adjust the necessary broadcast parameters – from the name of the meeting to the description of tasks.
  2. Via the Calendar app. On the main account page, activate the calendar icon and add a scheduled date, as well as a Meet. Next, set the necessary parameters, for example, it can be a meeting reminder, a description or a goal. Click on the “Copy” link symbol.

Creating a link for participants


When the organizer plans a meeting, he automatically receives a link. If it is necessary to start a meeting immediately, it is highlighted with the inscription “Everything is ready” – these will be the initial characters of the address. You can also simply copy the last one by clicking on the corresponding icon.

How to call

When communicating online, you can use a telephone connection and connect a new interlocutor via the phone. You can only call Canadian and American numbers. It’s paid.

Also, the service will be available only when an event is planned or created by the organizer in the paid Google Workspace. It contains the tools necessary for the work and provides free access to use only for 2 weeks.

How to use a smartphone

Smartphone in hand

The phone can be used for conversations, and the PC can be used for watching videos. To do this, the organizer needs to connect the necessary function. The numbers will be generated depending on the location. Any call will have to be paid.

To enter the room from the phone, click on the icon in the form of three vertical dots, and then select using the phone for sound.

Only the organizer /participant of the meeting, who has admin rights, can allow new interlocutors to take part in the communication.

There is no Russia in the list of participating countries that can be added to the meeting by phone. You can get acquainted with the available states through the support service, in the “Help”. It is enough to add the word “countries” to the search bar in this section. Now you know how to create a meeting in Google Mit and use its functionality. The application protects the conference with a special code that guarantees the security of access to the online meeting.

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