How to create a password in Zoom: step-by-step instructions and useful tips

11 March 2024

Zoom– a popular and convenient program for organizing online meetings, quickly gained popularity. Users liked the extensive functionality and intuitive interface and the client began to be used everywhere in studies, work, and informal meetings. To ensure security, let’s look at how to create a password in Zoom to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized people connecting. 

What is the Zoom conference password?

The most common way to organize conferences is password–free entry. But in this case, anyone with a link can connect to the conversation. Therefore, it is best to protect the conversation with a cipher. It represents a certain combination of numbers and letters that participants will use when entering. 

In total, the event can be encrypted on three levels. You can install the code:

  • planning a new conference; 
  • when entering an instant conversation; 
  • for a personal meeting.

Adjusting additional settings expands the possibilities of meeting organizers. Access level management prevents those who should not be present from attending the meeting. Only the meeting administrator is given such authority, and everything remains unchanged for the participants. To get to such an event, the participant must have not only an invitation link, but also a special code that will serve as confirmation of authorized access. 

Where can I get the conference password?

Where can I get the password for the Zoom conference

If you are joining the conversation as a participant, the only way to get the code is to request it from the administrator. Accesses are sent by mail, in the app chat, via messengers. As for the organizers, they can find the password:

  • go to the «conferences» section if the conversation is scheduled in advance; 
  • select the desired conversation and click «show conference invitation»; 
  • in the window that turns over, you will find all the login details.

To send someone the details of an already started meeting, click on the «i» icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. An information window will open with all the meeting data. Copy them and send them to a potential participant.

How to change or remove a password 

If you find out that the event code has been declassified, you can try to replace it with a new one. In addition, you can remove it altogether if you do not see the need for such protection. How to do this, we will tell you further. 

In a mobile phone

How to change or remove a password in a mobile phone

Increasingly, users prefer the mobile platform due to its convenience. To remove the password:

  • open the app;
  • go to the «conferences» section;
  • click «edit»;
  • uncheck the box next to the «password» item;
  • save the changes so that they take effect.

To change the code to a new one in the mobile application, also run it on your device and edit mode on the «conferences” tab, set a new value. After saving the changes, you can invite participants and send them new meeting details.

Through a computer

How to change or remove the conference password in the desktop version of Zoom

The desktop version also provides the ability to disable or change the password. For this:

  • log in to the program;
  • go to the events section;
  • find the «edit button;
  • enter a new combination;
  • save the changes.

There is no way to change the login details in an already scheduled meeting. In this case, you will have to delete the event and create a new one with the necessary parameters. To change the connection format for upcoming meetings and remove the password from them, go to «upcoming conferences» and click «edit». Follow the highlighted link and click the blue button.

Can there be a Zoom conference without a password

Indeed, very often meetings are organized in Zoom without any additional protection. It’s easy to create such an event, but the algorithm of actions will be slightly different for different platforms. When connecting to the conference in the web version of the client, the password must be entered.

It’s worth starting with the fact that it’s most convenient to organize meetings without entering a code through a desktop application. To do this, go to the conferences section and click «edit». Cancel the option that confirms participation in the event after entering the combination.

To start chatting, open the main page and click the orange button. Click on the «i» icon on the left to view information about the meeting. Copy the ID to send it to the participants. Participants can also forward this identifier to other users themselves to connect to the conversation.

On the phone, the login password is also removed through the «conference» section. If necessary, set up additional options there to help optimize your meetings. To start, click «start» on the main page and you can find an invitation link at the top of the screen.

What to do when writing an incorrect password

What to do when writing an incorrect password

From time to time, some users may encounter the error «invalid conference password”. The most logical reason is that a mistake was made in the combination. Ask the organizer for a new code, it’s better if he copies it. In rare cases, this situation may be caused by a software failure. The first thing to do in this case is to close the program and log in to it again. Sometimes reinstalling helps. If even then you can’t log in, then you will have to wait some time until the error is fixed by the developers.

What should the password look like and how many characters should it consist of

A password is an important element of secure communication, it is better to set it when creating conversations. The combination must be reliable, long enough, and complex. To do this, come up with a combination of several numbers, letters and symbols. Combine them in such a way that they do not form something easily recognizable and understandable to everyone. Let it be a chaotic set of different characters. In particular, it does not hurt to include uppercase and lowercase letters in the cipher. After the password in Zoom is created, you can write it down somewhere if you are afraid to forget the sequence.

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