How to make a conference in Viber

02 November 2023

Viber is one of the most popular messengers in which people communicate by text, voice messages or video. At the same time, several interlocutors can participate in the video format at the same time. This article describes in detail how to enable and disable a group call in Viber, how to add and remove conference participants and what to do if the connection is suddenly cut off.

Group call to Viber: what is it?


A group call is an option that allows multiple interlocutors to communicate simultaneously via video or audio communication in a conference format. It can be used by anyone who has Viber installed. All types of negotiations using this messenger are free. In some cases, traffic may be consumed. However, if you connect to a home or public Wi-Fi, then it will not be consumed.

If you establish communication via phone, then the maximum number of participants is limited to 7 people, if via PC – then 39. The capabilities of the device are also important. The video communication option is supported on Android smartphones and tablets with an operating system version from 4.2, on iPhone 4S and above, iPad 7.0 and above, on PCs and laptops with Linux, Windows and macOS operating systems. Mandatory conditions are the presence of a good Internet connection or high–speed Wi-Fi, a front camera and a microphone.

The video call option is very popular among messenger users because it allows you to:

  • talk for free, not caring about time;
  • see the interlocutor in HD quality (the image is displayed on the screen);
  • pin the interlocutor on the screen, which should always be visible to all participants of the meeting;
  • during the meeting, no one can turn off the participant (image or sound);
  • switch during the conversation from the gadget to the PC and back;
  • it’s up to each interlocutor to decide when to leave the conversation;
  • contacts for an invitation to a meeting do not have to be taken from a notebook, you can add them manually;
  • continue the conversation if the organizer has decided to disconnect.

How to make a group video call in Viber via PC

How to make a group video call

It is recommended to synchronize the operation of the PC and smartphone so that all contacts are displayed correctly on both devices. The algorithm for creating a group call is as follows:

  1. Open the program on your PC.
  2. Click on the camera icon.
  3. Select those you want to invite by marking no more than 39 people (in the list that opens on the right).
  4. Save the selected contacts by clicking on the “Save” button located under the list.
  5. Start a video call.

As soon as the connection is established, each participant will hear the call and will be able to connect. To prevent the call from catching anyone by surprise, it is customary to warn participants about the event in advance.

How to make a conference in Viber from your phone

How to make a conference in Viber

The algorithm for creating a video chat on a smartphone is about the same:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Create a chat by clicking the corresponding button in the lower right corner.
  3. Click on the camera icon.
  4. Select the participants (no more than 7 people) by ticking them.
  5. Click “Start a call”.

How to disconnect from a group conference in Viber

How to disconnect from a group conference

There are two ways:

  1. Click on the red handset icon (i.e. interrupt communication).
  2. Answer the call, but turn off the sound and video. In this case, you will not be seen or heard, but you will see and hear everything that happens.

What should I do if the connection is broken?

Communication is most often interrupted when the Internet connection is poor or the battery on the smartphone is low. If the connection is suddenly interrupted, you just need to call back. But first you should check the health of the Internet connection and try to troubleshoot. In order for the call not to be interrupted due to low battery charging, you just need to recharge it in a timely manner.

But it also happens that the connection is broken due to cache congestion. In this case, before calling back, the cache must be cleaned. If violations continue, ask all participants of the meeting to set up the Internet, ensure normal battery power and clear the cache.

How to delete or add group call participants

How to add a participant

If you need to add a participant during the conversation, then:

  1. Click on the icon of the little man with a plus sign located at the top right (next to the icons of the video camera and handset).
  2. From the contact list that appears on the right, select the desired contact, tick it and save it (the button at the bottom of the list).

The same way is done when it is necessary to disconnect a participant of a group call in Viber. In the right list, uncheck the contact that needs to be disabled and save the action.

To pin a video of one of the interlocutors on the screen, you need to double-click on his photo. Unpinning is also done by double-clicking.

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