How to disable the conference access code in Zoom – detailed instructions

30 May 2024

Video conferencing on the Zoom platform allows you to bring people together and work together more effectively. However, at the login stage, many users note difficulties. There are problems with the fact that in addition to the identifier, you need to enter a long access code. Errors occur during direct input, and time is lost.

Against the background of the difficulty that many users note, we want to share with you how to disable the access code in Zoom, create a conference without a password.

What is the conference access code?

Video call

The access code is a combination of 9 to 11 characters. It is required when logging into a video conference. It contains not only numbers, but also symbols and letters. This option is enabled for users of the free version by default.

A complex combination of symbolic values is generated by the platform itself. It is sent by the organizers to all participants of the online event via personal messages in messengers or via emails. Security guidelines dictate that passwords should not be disclosed. This way confidentiality is maintained and outsiders cannot attend the meeting.

A unique code is created for each video conference in Zoom. For personal video calls, it is assigned to the account, used during each conversation without changes. 

Where to get the access code

The organizers of the video conference face the question of where to get the access code to the event. We share instructions for searching for the generated meeting combination in your personal account, in the official computer client, and in the mobile version.

In your personal account

The official website of the Zoom platform

To search for the code in your personal account, follow these steps:

  • through the browser, we go to the official website of the Zoom platform;
  •  on the right at the top, click on «Log in»;
  • the account’s email address and password are entered;
  • next, go to the account settings and select the «Profile» category;
  • in the window that opens, click «Show», where you will find the access code to the created video meetings.

In the official client for the computer

As it is already clear from the title title, this method is suitable for computers. The instructions for searching for the generated code in the official client look like this:

  • the first step starts the program;
  • next, you need to go to the section with conferences and go to the «Upcoming» item, where you will find the code.

In the mobile version

Mobile version of Zoom

The access code in the mobile version of the application can be found as follows:

  • launching the program;
  • go to the «Conferences» section (the code will be at the top of the display).

Where to enter the access code

Password entry is different for platform users from the browser, from the application on the phone/computer. Let’s consider all 3 ways.

From a laptop, computer

  • opening the Zoom;
  • open the «Conferences» section, click the «Log in» button;
  • in the window that opens, enter the identifier received from the organizer, enter the user name, and configure the connection parameters;
  • enter the access code;
  •  we go to the video conference.

From mobile devices

  • you need to log in to the app;
  • we go to an online meeting;
  • we register our name, configure the login parameters;
  • the video conference ID and password are entered.

From the official website

  • by the ID on the Zoom page, you need to find the desired conference;
  • click log in;
  • access permission appears, and a code is entered.

Creating a conference in Zoom without a password

Zoom Conference

We would like to warn you right away that those who use the Zoom website will not be able to create a meeting without a password. Because there are no corresponding settings. This option is only available to those who use the app.

The instructions for creating a video conference in Zoom without a password are different for mobile and computer versions of the program. Let’s look at each one separately.

On the computer

  • running the program on a computer;
  • in order to start setting up a video conference, you need to log in to your account;
  • in the main menu, you can go to the «Conferences» section, and then to the «Upcoming» subsection;
  • click the «Edit» button;
  • in the settings window, you must disable the «Conference password required» option;
  • do not forget to click the «Save» button, otherwise the changes will be lost;
  • then the «Home» tab opens, an orange «New Conference» icon appears, which you need to click on;
  • We find a new ID in the video conference and send it to the meeting participants.

On a smartphone

Zoom on a smartphone

The process of creating a video conference on phones looks different:

  • launching the Zoom program;
  • log in to the system;
  • go to the «Conferences» section (search in the bottom panel);
  • in the window that appears, click the Edit button;
  • turn off the «Conference Password» function with one touch;
  • click «Save»;
  • after saving the settings, go back to the «Conferences» section and start the updated video conference;
  • a new unique identifier will be displayed at the top, which must be shared with the participants of the event.

How to delete the conference access code in Zoom

Only the meeting organizer has the right to delete the video conference password. To do this, you need to perform a number of actions.

The instruction «How to disable the access code in Zoom» includes the following steps:

  • launch the Zoom app;
  • select the «Conferences» section;
  • click on the «Edit» button, which is located under the online meeting ID;
  • a window with settings will open, you need to check the box next to «Allow entry before the organizer»;
  • after the completed steps, the «Require entry of the conference access code» item is activated, it is necessary to switch the slider to inactive mode.

When deleting a password, it is important to understand that the event becomes unprotected and unauthorized persons can get into the meeting.

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