How to turn off the microphone in Zoom – detailed instructions

18 October 2023

Zoom is a popular, multifunctional application for creating multi–user online conferences. It doesn’t hurt for everyone to know how to turn off the microphone in Zoom to increase the efficiency of using the application. The article will discuss exactly this.

How to turn off the microphone in Zoom

The functionality of the Zoom program is very extensive. There are versions for different platforms, which opens up almost limitless possibilities for the user. On any of the devices, you can turn off the microphone so as not to disturb the interlocutors with extraneous noise. 

On a computer

On a computer

It is not difficult to do this on a personal computer: 

  • go to the application menu; 
  • start a meeting;
  • a tab opens where you need to click “Log in using computer sound”; 
  • click on the microphone icon in the menu on the bottom panel.

There is also a combination of hot keys with which you can quickly turn off and turn the sound back on. Just press Alt + A and the sound transmission from your side will turn off. 

There is another convenient push to talk function, that is, “click to talk”. It will work if the sound transmission is already disabled. At this time, press and hold the space bar. You will see the message “Temporarily unmated” on the screen, which indicates that the audio is temporarily broadcast while the space bar is pressed. Release it and the sound transmission will stop. Now you know several ways to turn off the microphone in a conference in Zoom on a PC. It will also not be difficult to do this on other platforms. 

In a smartphone

In a smartphone

Many people use the Zoom version for mobile devices. This further expands the user’s capabilities. Turning off the sound on your phone is an even simpler process. One click on the microphone icon and the sound will be muted. Pressing again will resume the transmission. 

What to do if Zoom doesn’t have a button with a microphone image

There are situations when the microphone icon is missing from the control panel. Instead, you can find a button with an image of headphones (speaker). At the same time, users complain about the complete absence of sound and, accordingly, the inability to activate or deactivate it. If you encounter a similar problem, try to follow a few steps: 

  • click on the headphone icon;
  • the system will report that “Video audio is being used”;
  • click on this message;
  • grant the system access on request;
  • the icon will change to a microphone.

During these simple manipulations, the appearance of the application will become familiar and you will again be able to turn off the microphone in Zoom in any of the described ways, and turn it back on.

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