How to disable the waiting room in Zoom – detailed instructions

05 February 2024

A convenient built-in Zoom option allows the organizer to gather all participants of the upcoming meeting in one place before starting it. Despite the benefits of this feature, not everyone needs it and not always, so it’s worth knowing how to disable the waiting room in Zoom, if necessary. 

What is a waiting room in Zoom

In the Zoom, users are attracted, among other things, by many functions that make communication even more convenient, secure, and meaningful. One of the many is the possibility of creating a dedicated room. As part of this option, the organizer can manage the composition of the meeting by adding or excluding interlocutors, granting them certain rights, and distributing responsibilities.

What is a waiting room in Zoom

If you often have to organize online meetings, create a room that will help regulate access to the conversation. You will be able to check the user’s data and make sure that he got to the conference legally. With such a useful option, the possibility of a chaotic, uncontrolled connection is excluded. 

What is this function for?

Not all users were able to appreciate the benefits of this feature. Some people do not know what it is for and what is the point of using it. Here are some examples of usage:

  • conducting a multi-user large-scale meeting; 
  • busy meeting schedule and high risk of connecting users ahead of time; 
  • a closed meeting with a limited number of people, requiring strict selection; 
  • the need to keep the interlocutor if the previous meeting is delayed.

You can see for yourself that the option is quite useful and allows you to close many important tasks. Its connection will not take much time and will not cause difficulties even for a novice user. 

How to enable and configure the waiting room

The principles of connecting and configuring a room are quite simple. You need to have a desktop computer, Internet access and an up-to-date account at hand. Proceed in order. 

The general way

Log in to the web version of the client under your account and go to settings. In the «conferences» section, find the «waiting room» section and move the slider to active mode if it is not active. Now the option will be available by default and you will be able to use all its features.

How to enable and configure a waiting room - a common way

For a scheduled conference

For a separate online meeting, you can also activate the function via the app, desktop or web version. Also log in with your account, go to the conferences section and click «schedule». Enter the required data in the available fields. Go down the page and check the box next to the «turn on the waiting room» item. If you have enabled the option in the general settings before, then it will be activated automatically during planning.

How to enable and configure a waiting room for a scheduled conference

During the broadcast

Activate the option during the meeting. To do this, go to the participants tab, find the three dots on the bottom right and click on them. You will go to the settings section, where you can find the desired item and activate it. After this action, new incoming users will first enter the dedicated room.

How to enable and configure the waiting room during the broadcast

How to use it

After enabling the described function in one way or another, you can start using its features. You can accept users individually, through the appropriate button, or open access to all at once by clicking «accept all». To send a user to a separate room, select their name from the list and click «more details». In the list of options, select «transfer to the waiting room». You can also send a message to a user in a separate room. You can do this through the «chat» button. 

How to disable the waiting room

If the option is no longer needed, you can disable it. The principle of disconnection is no different. 

The general method

The easiest way to permanently disable the function is from the general settings. Go to the client’s official website under your credentials and click settings and find the conference section. Scroll down the page and move the slider next to the «waiting room» item to the inactive state.

How to disable the waiting room

For a separate conference

For a scheduled event, the function can also be disabled locally. To do this, also from the conference section, go to planning. After filling in all the required fields with the date and time, and then uncheck the desired parameter. Now you know how to disable the waiting room in Zoom in different ways or activate it.

How to disable the waiting room in Zoom for a separate conference

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