How to disable video in Zoom at a conference from a PC or smartphone

12 February 2024

Online meetings do not always have the need to broadcast a video stream. It often happens that the image only gets in the way, so you need to know how to turn off the video in the Zoom at a conference. We have prepared a material that will help you learn how to disable image transmission on any platform. 

How to disable the camera when connecting via Zoom settings

The very first option to deactivate the camera is to configure the application itself. It doesn’t matter which version you prefer to use. At the very first launch, the application requests permission to access audio and video equipment. At subsequent conferences, these parameters are automatically activated. To turn off the video, you should take several steps. 

On a PC

The easiest way is to turn off the camera image already during the meeting. To do this, find the camera icon on the control panel at the bottom of the screen. It will be labeled «stop video» if it is active. Click on it once, the icon will change its appearance and the broadcast will stop. To start displaying the image again, click on the icon again.

How to disable video in Zoom at a conference from a PC

You can also turn off the image from your camera before connecting to a conference created by another user. After clicking on the «log in» icon, a window will open to enter the ID. There are settings items under the main input fields. Check the box next to «turn off my video», enter your login information and click «log in». You will connect to the meeting without a camera.

How to disable video in Zoom at a conference from a PC before connecting

If your meetings are always held only in audio format, you can turn off the image broadcast in another way. So you don’t have to come back to this question anymore. Start the test broadcast and click on the arrow next to the camera icon in the control panel at the bottom of the screen. You will see a menu shutter where you can select «settings». From all the options offered below, select «video» and in the «conferences» section, check the box next to the «turn off my video when entering the conference» option. 

On a smartphone

Setting up the image broadcast on the phone is also possible and does not differ much from the desktop application. You can also stop the display from the toolbar while still in the meeting.

How to disable video in Zoom on a smartphone

Disable the ability to broadcast your image when organizing a new conference. Turn off the video for a long time through the internal settings of the application. To do this, run it and go to the appropriate section. In the conference section, activate the «Always turn off my video» option by moving the slider to the active state. Now you know how to turn off the zoom video at a conference so that the image from your camera is not broadcast if you organize a new event or connect to an already created one.

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