How to enable and configure session halls in Zoom

18 October 2023

The popular program for online conferences Zoom offers users extensive functionality. Built-in tools can significantly simplify the work of the organizers and participants of meetings. We have prepared a material on how to include session halls in Zoom. Let’s analyze the principle of operation, the connection method and the basic settings. 

What is it?


Session halls are a special function that should be analyzed in detail before connecting. The function allows you to create conference rooms with dedicated “sections” in which you can assign a discussion of various issues. The maximum number of participants per room can be different and depends on the number of assigned sections. 


If you do not yet know what the sectional rooms are specifically designed for, then they are aimed at solving certain tasks: 

  • discussion of a separate issue by a group or tete-a-tete;
  • organization of the training process in the format of an additional discussion;
  • working communication on different projects. 

However, this function allows you to solve other tasks, for example, in business, when communicating with partners or exclusively for personal use. 

How to enable


Before you start using the sessions tool, visit the official website of the application and log in to your profile. Complete the setup in a few simple steps in the “settings” section: 

  • on the “conference” tab, find the “Session Hall” section;
  • move the slider to the active position;
  • check the box next to the permission to add participants to the halls if necessary. 
Breakout room

In this simple way, the tool switches to active mode, allowing organizers to form separate sections within multi-user conferences. 

How to make and configure

Breakout room in zoom

When the function has become available, you can start connecting it and assigning parameters. To start, start the conference, after which: 

  • go to the “session halls” tab;
  • set the number of “sections”;
  • set manual or automatic assignment;
  • complete the process by clicking the “create” button. 

Then you can change the parameters for personal requests, add or remove sections, assign names to them, and so on. 

How to make and configure

Parameter setting and management

To configure the function at your discretion, go to the options menu at the bottom of the page. The following parameters are available to the user: 

To configure the function at your discretion, go to the options menu at the bottom of the page. The following parameters are available to the user: 

  • automatic movement of participants;
  • allowing automatic return of participants;
  • threshold for automatic closing of the room;
  • setting the countdown timer.

In addition to these basic parameters, simultaneous forwarding of emails is available to users. Before turning on the session halls in Zoom and joining the room, the participant must receive an invitation from the organizer. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter the conference. You can join immediately or after a while. The invitation is valid until the meeting closes. 

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