How to show your screen in Google Meet during a conference

20 December 2023

The Google Meet client is popular and allows you to organize meetings in a remote format with ease. For clarity, it is often necessary to organize the display of additional materials, for which it is useful to know how to enable a screen demonstration in Google Meet. The procedure is quite simple and does not require much effort. 

Connecting to the conference

The very first and obvious step is to connect directly to the meeting itself. To do this, use your Google Workspace corporate account or follow the invitation link that was sent to you. If the meeting is organized privately, you can use your personal account and the sent invitation.

Enabling the demo

Enabling demonstration

In the next step, you will need to turn on the demo, for which click on “Show on the home screen” in the lower corner. After completing this action, a list of possible display options will open, where the user will need to select the most preferred one. After that, the broadcast will start. 


An important point of the broadcast is the settings. Many of them are already defined by default, but the user can always make their own adjustments for convenience. If you are broadcasting from a Google Chrome browser tab, to switch to another tab, select it and click “Share current tab”. The image from the selected tab will be broadcast regardless of whether the camera is turned on. 

You can stop the broadcast by clicking on the “Close access” button, or by selecting “Stop showing” in the browser tab. If there are several presenters and one of them has already started the show, follow the standard launch steps, finally confirming switching to another demonstration. Simultaneous broadcasting from several users at once is not possible. 

To connect to a conference that has already started, click “Join a meeting or create your own” on the main page and enter the identification code. Next, select “Show on the main screen” and mark the source from which the image will be transmitted. Before enabling the screen demonstration in Google Meet, make sure that this feature is not disabled by the organizers. Otherwise, you will have to request permission from the administrator.

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