How to enable screen demonstration in Microsoft Teams

29 November 2023

Microsoft Tims is a convenient and frequently used platform. It allows you to hold online conferences and has a large set of additional functions that make such meetings convenient, informative, and visual. This article will be especially useful for those who want to learn how to enable screen demonstration in Teams and how to manage this function. 

Launching Microsoft Team demo on PC

Launching demo on PC

Any conference starts with creating a group or connecting to an already created meeting. If necessary, the speaker can start broadcasting his screen if he needs to supplement his report with visual materials. This function is controlled by a panel with buttons that appears on the screen. To start broadcasting your screen: 

  • join a meeting or create one;
  • on the toolbar, click on the camera icon;
  • in the same place on the panel, click on the “share” icon;
  • in the window that opens, select the program to broadcast;
  • now the image from the selected screen will be available to all participants of the meeting. 

If necessary, the speaker can record the entire conference, for which you need to open the menu bar (three dots on the toolbar) and select “start recording” in the list that opens. This is especially useful if the topic under discussion requires repeated detailed consideration in the future. 

We recommend checking everything in advance, including launching the presentation program, so as not to be distracted by unnecessary manipulations during the conference. Make sure that all the necessary materials are uploaded and will be broadcast in the right order. 

How to control the screen in Microsoft Teams?

You have learned how to show a presentation in microsoft teams, now you should understand the intricacies of screen control. After launching the demo, the main Tims window will be hidden and the broadcast control panel in the upper area of the monitor will be available to the user. 

Disable demo

The red frame during the broadcast defines the visible area for listeners. It can be adjusted to highlight a specific area for display. The adjustment can be done manually or set specific parameters in the settings, as well as specify which application should be broadcast. 

Find out from the meeting participants how they see the image, whether they clearly hear all the sounds. In order not to disrupt the quality of image transmission, we recommend not switching too sharply between windows, not making sudden movements. It is especially worth paying attention to this advice for those who have an unstable Internet connection or a not very powerful PC.

Enabling the command in the Microsoft Team program

Start meeting

In general, the process of creating a group should not cause difficulties. Team creation is available immediately after logging into the application. The functionality provides for the addition of the name, description of the group. We advise you to fill in this field on the topic of the meeting, especially if there are a large number of groups. This way it will be easier for users to find the right one by keywords. This is followed by the addition of participants. This will have to be done one at a time, sequentially entering the names in the appropriate field. 

Useful tips

The built-in Teams tools will help you make your presentation as effective as possible. The user can make an entry on the screen or make a drawing to show something visually. Teachers will need a digital whiteboard that allows you to make notes, sketches, diagrams. Now you know how to enable screen demonstration in teams, but to make the program more efficient and stable, close all third-party applications. 

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