How to find saved conference recordings in Zoom

20 December 2023

Recording a conference helps to save important data, allows you to access information when necessary. If you managed to save a past meeting, but you don’t know how to find a conference recording in Zoom, then this article will help you figure out all the basic issues. 

How to find your Zoom recordings via the cloud

If you save past meetings to the cloud storage, log in to the web version of the client using your username and password. In the navigation menu bar, select “Account Management”. After that, click on the “Record Management” tab. You will see the entire list of saved appointments. To find the desired event, use the search settings, such as topics, keywords, date, and other parameters. 

How to find your Zoom recordings on your computer


If you do not know how to view the conference recording in Zoom via a computer, first open the documents folder. This method is relevant for Windows PCs, and Mac users will be able to find the information they need through the Finder. Find the Zoom Meeting folder through the search bar or by mechanical search. The dates on the folders will help you find the right meeting faster. To launch the desired file, double-click on it with the mouse. 

You can use a simpler path and find folders in the default directory: 

  • Windows: C:\Users \[username]\Documents\Zoom;
  • Mac: /Users/[username]/Documents/Zoom;
  • Linux: home/[username]/Documents/Zoom.

How to find your Zoom recordings on your phone

Many users prefer the mobile version of the client. However, the app on iOS or Android platforms does not provide a built-in meeting saving feature. You can use the capabilities of the phone itself to save and then view saved events. Some device models have a built-in screen capture function, some will require installation.

For users of the paid version, saving to cloud storage is available, and before you find the recording of the conference in Zoom, saved in this way, go to the desktop version of the program. Verify with your username and password and go to the “Conferences” section. Find the “recorded” tab, and to view the selected file, click on playback. 

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