Zoom Conference Access Code – what is it and how to find it out

15 February 2024

To connect to the conference in Zoom, the user must have a link from the organizer, as well as a special identification number. How to find out the access code to the Zoom conference, if you are an invited participant, or organize meetings yourself, we will tell you in detail in this article. 

What is the conference access code?

To ensure a secure connection to online meetings, an access algorithm using an identifier has been developed. This is an automatically generated code consisting of an average of 10 characters. It is generated for each created conversation separately, which eliminates the possibility of connecting a random user. 

Code generation occurs at the time of creation of the event, it does not matter whether it is planned in advance or is spontaneous. Invitations can be sent by any method convenient for the organizer, including messengers and e-mail. Personal communication is carried out under one password, which is used every time a scheduled or instant call is made. 

Where is the conference ID located

You can find out the conference code by looking at the account settings. It is noteworthy that users of the paid version can choose the identification number themselves. 

User’s Account

Open the Zoom page in the browser and log in with your username and password. Go to your account settings and expand the symbol image in the «Meeting» block by clicking on the eye icon. If you have scheduled conferences, then you can view their code in the «conferences» section of the «security» section. To display all the symbols, click «show».

Viewing the access code in the browser

Desktop version

In the desktop version of the application, the identification number for each scheduled conversation can also be viewed in the section with all scheduled events.

Identification number in the desktop version

Mobile client

Another question to be answered is how to find out the Zoom conference access code in the mobile application. If you use this particular platform for communication, then launch it on your device and go to the conferences section. The code will be displayed at the top of the display.

How to find out the Zoom Conference access code in the mobile app

Where to enter the conference code in the zoom

If you were invited to a meeting, received an identifier from the organizer, but do not know where to enter it at all, pay attention to reading the next section of the article. 

From a computer

Launch your desktop application and click «log in». In the available fields, enter your name and enter the ID you received from the administrator. Set up the meeting settings as you wish, enter the passwords and click «log in».

Where to enter the conference code in the Zoom from a computer

From the phone

The principle of connecting to an event by phone ID is practically the same as the first option. Also, launch your app on your phone and log in. Enter the identification number and password. To be sure not to make a mistake, it is better to copy the sent data and paste it into the required fields. Enter your name, configure the settings and connect to the meeting.

Where to enter the conference code in the Zoom from the phone

Through the browser

The web version of the application also allows you to connect to the meeting using a special code. To do this, open your profile page and go to the «join» tab. It is located on the top right. In the window that appears, enter the received data in the free field and click «log in». Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Where to enter the conference code in the Zoom through the browser

Invalid zoom conference access code

Sometimes the user may encounter an error that is issued by the service «invalid access code». In this case, you should make sure that all the data is entered correctly. Check the characters, or rather copy the data received from the administrator and paste it into an empty field. Sometimes the situation resolves itself and the login using the same code becomes available after a few minutes. If you are an organizer yourself and have encountered a similar problem when trying to connect to a conversation you created earlier, you should try to create a new event. You can also try to change the access code if you have a paid subscription. The radical option is to delete the meeting and create a new one. Create an event again, and after you find out the access code to the Zoom conference, send the current combination to potential participants.

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