How can I zoom in to increase the conference time in the free version?

20 February 2024

The developers of the most popular online conference client systematically make changes to the operation of their product. This is often due to the desire to attract as many users as possible to purchase a paid subscription. This is partly why there is a limit for the free version on the time of one session. In this article, we will look at how to Zoom in to increase the conference time and whether it is available to users of the free app. 

Changes in using the free version of Zoom

Not so long ago, users of the standard version of the application could organize a meeting lasting up to 40 minutes. After this time, the session was closed automatically and you could immediately start a new one to continue communication.

Session in Zoom

But last year, the developers made changes, making it mandatory to pause between sessions for at least 10 minutes. Only then can the next forty-minute conference be organized. Until the specified ten-minute period expires, you will not be able to send a link to the next meeting. Therefore, users have a logical question – how to make Zoom for more than 40 minutes and whether, in principle, ordinary users have such an opportunity. . 

Why did Zoom become paid

There have always been paid subscriptions in Zoom. Immediately, the developers offered several subscription options, on which privileges depended. When the pandemic came, it was decided to give users the opportunity to communicate freely with each other without restrictions. Then the restrictions on the duration of individual sessions, that is, one-on-one, were lifted.


Thus, any owner of a free account could call his friend or colleague and chat with him for several hours without interruption. But when the covid restrictions were lifted, the session limits in the Zoom returned. And with them came other innovations, such as the mandatory break between calls. This upset many users, who had already become accustomed to this state of affairs during this time. 

How can I get around this limitation?

Many people have asked themselves the question of overcoming this innovation. But the only way to increase the conference time in Zoom is to purchase a paid subscription. The developers offer several connection options, in addition, prices are available to everyone. There are tariffs for individuals and corporate users. The possibilities for each tariff are individual, which allows you to choose the best option for each.

How to increase the conference time in Zoom

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