How to install Zoom on a Macbook – detailed instructions

29 November 2023

Zoom is one of the most common applications for online conferences, meetings and meetings. A variety of tools and functional characteristics allow you to create a comfortable environment for business and informal communication. You can use it on any platform and in this article we will figure out how to install Zoom on a MacBook.

How to download Zoom on a Macbook?

Download Zoom

The popularity of Zoom was largely influenced by the fact that the application can be downloaded for free on any device. To install the program on a MacBook, follow our recommendations: 

  • go to the official website;
  • open the download center;
  • download the version for Macbook;
  • run the installation file;
  • follow the prompts of the installer to complete the process correctly. 

The installation takes several minutes. Upon completion, you will be able to log in to the app and register. 

Joining an online conference by ID

Even if you don’t have an active account, you can still be a participant in the conference. To do this, when you start the program, select “log in to the conference”. Get an identification number from the organizer and enter it at the appropriate point, as well as write your name. You will also have the ability to control the video and audio stream. Check the boxes if you don’t want to be heard or seen. It remains to click on the “log in” button to connect to the meeting. 

Registration in Zoom

Registration in Zoom

If online meetings are planned to be held frequently, especially if you yourself plan to act as the organizer of the conference, it is better to register in the application. The procedure is simple, it does not take much time and effort. To do this, launch the application, click “log in” and “register for free”. You will be redirected to the official website of the application, where you need to enter your date of birth and click “continue”. 

In the new window, you will need to specify an email address, enter a captcha and click “register”. Check the email address specified during registration, the service will send an email with a link to it. Follow the recommendations in it to complete the registration. After that, launch the desktop application again, enter your email and password, and click “log in”. Now all the functionality of the application is available to you, you can start organizing meetings. 

How to use Zoom on Mac?

Zoom on Mac

Another reason for the great popularity of the Zoom is its simple and intuitive interface. After you have installed zoom on your macbook, it’s time to understand the extensive functionality of the application. Everyone can do this without going through any special training. Immediately on the main screen you will see four large buttons:

  • log in – to log in by an individual number; 
  • new conference – to create a meeting; 
  • schedule – to manage the calendar schedule of meetings; 
  • screen demonstration – to display visual materials from a computer during a conference.

You can also find the gear icon on the main screen to change the settings. 

Useful tips

To make your work in the Zoom app even more comfortable, use a few of our tips: 

  1. In order to revive the conference, use the “virtual background” function. It can be a picture from a collection, as well as a video or a picture from your personal archive. 
  2. If you are not the speaker at the meeting, turn off the microphone so that extraneous sounds do not interfere with the conference, do not distract other listeners from important information. 
  3. Use keyboard shortcuts to optimize your work. The full list of appointments can be found in the application settings. 
  4. To display all the participants of the conference, if it is not numerous, on one page, use the “gallery view” function. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s analyze some of the most popular questions that arise from users of the application. 

What is the maximum number of Zoom video conference participants?

Zoom can be used both for free and by connecting a paid, extended version. Meetings of up to 100 participants are available for free, and when a paid tariff is activated, it is possible to invite up to 1000 participants, depending on the selected option. 

How do I set the Zoom on an iPad or iPhone?

To use the Zoom app on your iPad or iPhone, go to the official app store and download it to your device. After installation, you will be able to use the functionality of the application on your device.

What is the difference between free and paid Zoom rates?

The difference between the basic and paid tariffs of the platform is in their functional diversity. The more expensive the tariff is, the more opportunities the user gets. There are three paid connection options to choose from – Professional, Business and Enterprise. 

If, after you have installed zoom on a MacBook, you plan to use it from time to time for meetings lasting up to 40 minutes and numbering up to 100 people, then there is no point in paying an additional tariff. But if your requirements are much higher, it is better to consider buying one of the proposed tariffs. 

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