How do I invite other users to the Zoom conference?

16 January 2024

Many who are just starting to work with the Zoom program are interested in how to invite other participants to an online conversation. Let’s look at how this process looks on a phone and a PC.

How to invite to a Zoom conference from a computer

The desktop version of the application allows you to add new users in one of the three existing ways. Regardless of the type of solution chosen, each person will have to independently confirm the connection to the call.

Event parameters

The first method is considered the simplest. The bottom line is that it is enough to use a separate messenger function during an active call. Ideally, the invitees should be listed in the account’s contact list. 

Event parameters

The process consists of several steps:

  1. Launch an online call.
  2. In the lower part, where all the tools are displayed, click on “Participants”/ select the same item from the “Advanced” list.
  3. In the lower left corner of the right column, click “Invite”, and then wait for the window to open. In the latter, the parameters will appear.
  4. Go to the “Contacts” category and select the right people. If you wish, you can use the “Input for filter” field. 
  5. Wait for people to connect.

If the desired users do not appear in the list, you can tap “Copy link” and send it in any way. By clicking on the link, a person will automatically connect, even if they work through a browser and are not registered in the program. 

You can also copy the ID and access code. They usually need to be entered on the main page.

To send an invitation letter, you can use email in the corresponding tab.

Personal video call

If the first method allows you to send an invitation letter only after a call is created and configured, then the second one by means of a personal call makes it possible to use the auto-addition of two or more interlocutors. The main role is played by the presence of the necessary participant in the list of contacts of the messenger.

Personal video call

How to invite to a conference in Zoom via a call:

  1. Open the main menu, go to “Contacts”, select a person.
  2. Touch the “Conference” button under the photo and wait for the connection. If the interlocutor is successfully invited, information about him will appear.

Some application settings sometimes do not allow you to add a user right away– you have to personally approve the request via “Accept”, which only the organizer can do. 

If the invited user refuses, you will receive a notification. At the same time, you can send the invitation letter again.


In this way, you can call not only a certain person, but also several participants in a group chat. To do this:

  1. Go to the “Chat” category, then to “Channels”, and then select a specific option from the suggested list.
  2. Click on the camera icon, which is located at the top of the panel.
  3. Confirm the start of the group call by tapping the “Yes” button and wait for confirmation.

The channel admin has the right to restrict group calls for certain people. Therefore, if the specified button is not visible to you, then you will not be able to call. But, if the event is already underway, the administrator will not be able to influence it.

Event layout

The third method is definitely similar to the first one within the instructions, but also differs in the ability to conduct deferred communication sessions. At the same time, anyone who has been approved can participate in them, even if there is no organizer.

Event layout

How to invite other users to the conference:

  1. Use the “Schedule” button – it is located on the main page of the application.
  2. Change the conference settings – items “Start” and “Duration”. Save them.
  3. Specify the recipients – you can do this in Microsoft Outlook in the “Name” line separated by commas.
  4. Click on “Send”.

If this option is unacceptable, use the “Copy invitation” button and, as in the first method, send it to the participants.

To connect to an online meeting yourself, you can click on “Start” in the same section. 

How to send a Zoom invitation to a conference from a mobile device

Each of the solutions proposed below for devices running iOS and Android is an analogue of the desktop version. Therefore, the request can be sent and accepted on any available platform.

Parameters of the online event

If you are already holding a call, the easiest option would be to send an invitation using a separate function. The rest of the actions will basically be the same for different smartphones with only minor differences.

How do I invite other users to the Zoom conference?


  1. Using the bottom panel, open the “Participants” section. By default, 4 sending options are offered in the access.
  2. Click on “Invite contacts” – the item allows you to send a notification directly. For mailing, click on each user.

If the number of the right person is not in the address book or this action is not suitable, use the “Send email” option. It is enough to enter the data in the “To” field and edit the content.

You can also send an email to the phone number.

And the last way is to copy the invitation link.

Personal video call

Personal video call

To call a certain person, add him to your contacts, from where click on “Video” or “Audio Meeting”. The session will not start until the selected person agrees to the call. As a result, you will receive a notification of consent or refusal.

Participants of group chats have the opportunity to send an invitation to all interlocutors at once. To do this, just open the “Channels” in your contacts and select the desired dialog. Compared to a personal call, a group call makes it possible to start an online conversation right away, even if other people refuse the invitation.

Planning of an online event

Planning of an online event

Sending an invitation notification during planning is almost the same as with e-mail:

  1. On the main page, click “Schedule” and set up a future meeting.
  2. Fill in the template that appears.
  3. If you want to get information about the scheduled communication session separately, then go to the “Conference” section and select the call, and then “Add invitees”.
  4. In the same section, you can click on any of the 3 possible buttons: “Send a message”, “Send an email”, “Copy to clipboard”.

Now you know how to invite to a conference in Zoom. Any change/deletion of a scheduled online meeting automatically resets the invitation. Only in the first case, problems will be avoided if the ID and access code are left unchanged.

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