How to join a Microsoft Teams meeting via a computer or smartphone

18 October 2023

Work has long ceased to have a strict binding to a certain place, because it is not necessary to be in the office to perform their official duties. There are many applications and services for comfortable communication, and today we will tell you how to join a meeting in Microsoft Teams – one of the most popular corporate platforms. 

Using a link on a computer

Man at laptop

To use the meeting link on your personal computer:

  • open it in your email message, messenger or other resource; 
  • download the application if it is not on your computer or log in via the web version; 
  • log in to your account;
  • set the required audio and video transmission parameters; 
  • click “join now”.

Before you connect to the conference in Tims, do not forget to check the microphone and camera settings in the computer settings and make sure that they are functioning stably. Test these functions. 

Using the link on the phone

Microsoft Teams on the phone

You can also connect to the meeting on your phone or tablet. To do this, install the client through one of the official sources and use the invitation link to log in to the event. Log in under your account by going through a quick registration via Facebook. You can also log in as a guest, but before you connect to the Microsoft Teams conference in this way, make sure that the meeting organizer has provided such an opportunity.

The guest’s capabilities are often limited by the organizer himself. He personally sets the range of functions that will be available to the participant without an invitation link. The guest cannot join until the administrator approves it. Until then, you will have to wait in the “lobby” of the conference. If there is a link, join the meeting by clicking the blue “join” button. 

How to connect to a conference using the Microsoft Teams application


The user-friendly application makes the use of the service functions even more comfortable and understandable. To do this, make sure that the application is installed, if not, download it from the official source and install it on your device (phone, computer or tablet). Log in to start using the app’s features. 

Before joining a meeting in Microsoft Teams, click on the “meetings” tab. It will display all available events, broken down by dates and indicating the time of the event. By clicking the “join” button, at the selected event you will first get the opportunity to adjust the audio and video parameters. After all the settings are set, click on “join now” to start chatting.

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