How to make a group conference on an iPhone

18 October 2023

Today, multi-user online meetings can be organized on a wide variety of platforms. In this article we will learn how to make a conference on an iPhone without downloading third-party applications and if the provider supports this feature. 

Start of a conference call

Start of a conference call

To start a conversation, follow these recommendations: 

  • make a call to one of the participants;
  • on the screen, click on the “+” icon;
  • make a call to the next participant;
  • after select “merge”. 

By repeating these manipulations, you will be able to add a few more people. The number of participants is limited by the provider from which you receive mobile communication services.

Only the organizer can see who exactly is taking part in the session. However, if any of the participants decides to add someone else to the meeting, the name of the organizer and all the participants he added will be displayed to him.

If you tried to make a conference call, but the merge button is not displayed, then the problem is on the provider’s side. You should contact him to settle the terms of service. 

Adding a subscriber making an incoming call

We have figured out how to make a group call on an iPhone, if you are the organizer. But how to act if you are participating in a conference and they call you. Receiving a call: 

  • press “hold + answer”;
  • wait until you are connected to the subscriber;
  • click the arrow icon to merge. 

If the merge does not occur, contact your operator. 

Deleting members

Deleting members

During the conference, the administrator can delete the participant he added. For this: 

  • click the “i” icon in the upper right corner;
  • in the list that appears, select the desired subscriber; 
  • click “hang up” next to his name. 

The actions performed will not affect the other participants of the conversation in any way. Only the selected subscriber will be disconnected, the rest can continue communicating in the usual format. 

Available options in the conference call

During the call, several additional options are available to users, namely: 

  • mute/turn on the sound;
  • calling the numeric keypad;
  • speakerphone button; 
  • adding users;
  • FaceTime for group video communication; 
  • access to the phone book. 

Now you have figured out how to make a conference on an iPhone and will be able to make group calls between your friends, colleagues, in a family circle. At the same time, you can invite not only those who also use an iPhone, but also phone users on other platforms. 

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