How to make a group call in Telegram in desktop and mobile versions

27 May 2024

Today in the article we will analyze how to make a group call in Telegram, the most popular messenger of our time. It has almost a billion users on its account, and the functionality and additional features attract new ones every day. Let’s look into the specifics of launching video chats.

What are group calls in Telegram?


Multi-user video calls are available in TG for two or more participants. This feature has appeared relatively recently, it is free, but not everyone knows about this feature. In fact, it is a full-fledged tool for making conferences, with the ability to broadcast a screen, make presentations and other useful settings. Before making a group call to TG, it is worth studying all of them in detail in order to make communication in a conversation effective, fruitful, and interesting. 

How to start a video chat

Users of both the mobile and desktop versions can start a multi-user video call. The connection options in both cases are almost the same, nevertheless, we will analyze them separately. 

Mobile platform

Telegram on a smartphone

Before you start a multi-user call, create a group where you add the necessary participants. This function can be found on the «write a message» tab. Participants can be added after, at any convenient time. Only the administrator or the owner can start a video meeting using the following algorithm:

  • open the created group;
  • click on the avatar;
  • select «video chat»;
  • mark the invitees;
  • specify the format of the meeting (with video).

The conference starts immediately, waiting for all participants to connect is not provided. The latest updates allow you to plan communication in advance, which allows you to better allocate your time. 

PC version

Mobile and PC version

If you don’t know how to create a group call in telegram on your computer, start by creating a group, as is the case with the mobile version. Thereafter:

  • log in to it;
  • click «start video chat»;
  • adjust the format.

How to log out of a conference in a Telegram

After you have made the conference in the telegram, we will figure out how to get out of it. To end the call, the administrator must click the appropriate «end video chat» button. In turn, each participant can exit the conversation at any time by clicking «leave video chat». The rest of the interlocutors can continue the call. 


There are many services for making multi-user video calls. However, when you figure out how to make a group call in a Telegram, you will immediately realize all the advantages of this messenger. It has good communication quality, a lot of additional tools and features for the user. And a special encryption algorithm to prevent data leakage.

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