How to link to a Microsoft Teams conference

20 December 2023

Planning meetings, their appointment and inviting participants is an important part of the work of many modern managers. Microsoft Teams is one of the best services for collaboration in a remote format and in the article we will figure out how to make a link to a Team conference using various platforms. 

How to create a link to a PC

Link to pc

First of all, launch the desktop application and go to the calendar. Select click on the “new meeting” button to schedule an event for a specific date. To start a meeting right away, select the “meet now” option. After creating the event, click on the “get a link to send” button. You can send it to colleagues individually, or send it to a general chat.

How to create a link on mobile devices

Link from phone

Mobile devices also have the functionality to invite participants via a link. To do this, run the program on your device and log in to the calendar. The “+” icon located in the lower right corner of the screen will allow you to create a new event.

In the advanced settings, set the time, assign guests, and so on. To start an instant conference, click on the camera icon, and then “join”. After completing this action, the function of adding participants or sending a link in any way convenient for you will become available. 

Microsoft Teams issues and possible fixes


In most cases, using Tims does not cause any difficulties, because it is intuitive. Nevertheless, sometimes problems do happen, so it is worth analyzing the most common and methods of their elimination. 

I have poor sound and video quality

If you started a meeting and found that the sound and video quality did not meet your needs, first check the network quality. It is advisable to close third-party applications so that there is no conflict, as well as in order to reduce the load on the processor. If these measures did not help, clear the cache and cookies in your browser, or start the conference through another browser. 

I can’t create a link

Creating a link to a meeting also sometimes causes difficulties. This is because the system administrator controls this function. If you are not the system administrator, then contact him so that he can give the necessary permissions. 

The link to the meeting that I received does not work

If you were invited to a meeting as a listener, but the login link does not work, find out if other participants were able to log in using the invitation sent. If so, then the problem is on your side and you should clear the cache and cookies of your browser, and then restart the application. Also, try logging out of your account and logging in again, or use the web version to participate in the conference. 

People can’t join my meeting using the link I created

If there are no obvious network failures, but it is still impossible for users to join the meeting using the link that you sent them, it is worth checking its relevance. You can also create a new invitation. If only some participants cannot connect, then use the tips from the article to establish a stable broadcast. Now you know how to make a link to the conference in the Team and even cope with difficulties, if any arise in the process. 

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