What is a recurring conference in Zoom and how to do it

18 October 2023

Users of the popular Zoom platform have had to deal with the concept of a recurring conference, but not everyone knows exactly what this function means, and even more so how to make a recurring conference in Zoom. In the article we will analyze this issue in as much detail as possible. 

What is the essence of a recurring conference?


From the user’s side, considering the function makes it possible to enter a meeting with the same ID. It will be especially useful for those who hold group calls on a regular basis, with the same composition, have a clear schedule and a certain schedule. For example, meetings at the beginning of each working day. One way or another, all such calls will have certain similarities:

  • recurring configuration; 
  • immutable ID; 
  • login by one invitation from time to time; 
  • operational setting of parameters.

This format of meetings allows you to seriously save time on organizing events and makes working with the function much easier in the future. Figure out the functionality in advance. This will avoid problems with setting parameters. 

How to make a recurring conference in Zoom

How to make a recurring conference in Zoom

If some people knew about the possibility of organizing events of this format, then many people do not know how to create a recurring conference in Zoom. Before launching this useful feature, make sure that the program is installed on your computer and ready to work. If the application is missing, download it from the official website and register under your account. Only registered users can access the creation of a recurring appointment. 

When the preparatory steps are completed: 

  • open the app; 
  • click on the “schedule” calendar icon; 
  • enter all the necessary data in the fields; 
  • check the box with the appropriate name; 
  • send out invitations to users. 

Now your scheduled meeting will be displayed in the calendar and in the conferences section on the website.

How to remove a regular conference

How to remove a regular conference

As you can see, it is not difficult to create a meeting with regular repetition. It is also not difficult to cancel it if the event is no longer relevant. Follow the instructions:

  • open the app;
  • go to the section with scheduled meetings;
  • find the meeting you need and click “edit”;
  • uncheck the box;
  • click save to make the changes take effect. 

You have learned how to make a recurring conference in Zoom and will be able to perform this action so that holding regular meetings becomes more convenient and does not take much time.

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