How to make an appointment in Google Meet – step-by-step instructions

15 May 2024

Google Mit is a popular platform that is used for video conferencing, accessible from any device.  It was originally developed to solve work issues, and since 2020, everyone can use the platform.

The service is used for meetings, personal conversations with friends, family, and large-scale conferences. The platform can be used for free, but there are paid tariffs with additional features. There is a 2-week trial period before payment.

Google Meet

In Google Meet, you can create conferences with a duration of up to one hour for users up to 100 people. Paid access allows the presence of up to 500 people. Those who have a Google account, as well as users of a Workplace account, can join online meetings.

The service does not need to be installed on a computer, you can work through a browser. If you plan to hold an event via a mobile device, you will need to download the application.

The event held on the service can be recorded. However, the function is available only for paid tariffs and exclusively for organizations. The video is saved in the cloud storage and can be redirected to participants, as well as to those who could not attend.

Read the step-by-step instructions in our article on how to arrange a meeting in Google Mit.

How to log into Google Rally

On the computer

First of all, authorization in Google is required. On the left, under the column with mailbox sections, there is Google Meet. You can get to the service in one click.

The service can also be found in Google applications, which are located on the right, at the top.

On the phone

Google Meet on your phone

From mobile devices on the platform, users log in through the app. You will need the necessary permissions, as well as authorization in the Google system.

How to schedule a meeting in Google Meet

The scheduling of a video conference on the platform varies for different types of devices. Let’s take a closer look.

On the computer

Instructions «How to schedule a meeting in Google Mit» on a computer / laptop:

  • we go to your Gmail mailbox (if there is no email, then you need to register it – the procedure is simple and fast);
  • we find Google Mit and click;
  •  click on the «New meeting» button, and then go to the «Schedule in Google Calendar» section;
  • we select the planned date and time, if desired, you can add a list of participants, the name of the conference.

On Android and iOS

Android and iOS

Depending on the software on the phone, the planning procedure does not differ. The instruction looks like this:

  • opening the application;
  • click on the «New meeting» button;
  • click on the schedule meeting button on the calendar;
  • in the window that opens, select the date, time, you can give the name of the video conference;
  • be sure to click the «save» button.

How to schedule a video meeting in Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a convenient tool that allows you to schedule a call based on your own schedule and the schedule of colleagues, friends, and partners. The algorithm of actions is slightly different for computers and mobile devices.

On the computer

Instructions «How to make an appointment in Google Mit» on a computer / laptop:

  • the first step in Google Calendar is to create an event;
  • add guests;
  • save the data;
  • send the invitation links to the conference to the users.

On the selected day and time, participants receive a notification about an upcoming call.

On Android and iOS

On mobile devices, a video call is planned according to the following steps:

  • the application opens;
  • an event is being created;
  • participants are being added;
  • the changes are saved.

How to schedule a video meeting in another service

Video communication on the phone

The video conference opens in Gmail or Meet. Next, the data is copied to an online meeting that is scheduled in another service.

How to use Google Meet for Work

Google Meet is actively used in the business sphere. Mainly in conducting video calls with colleagues and business partners.

Creating a meeting and calling

Instructions «How to make a meeting in Google Mit»:

  • we go to the service;
  • click on the «New meeting» button, and then go to the «Create meeting» section;
  • the video conference will have its own link, it will be sent to the participants.

The link to the event is generated automatically. For privacy, we recommend sending invitations via private messages in messengers or by e-mail.

How to join a meeting

When you send an invitation to an event participant, you receive an email with an active «Join» button. It’s simple, you need to click on it.

If a link to the event is sent to the participants, then you need to follow it. Adjust the camera and microphone settings, click «Join».

It is worth adding that after clicking on the «Join» button, participants do not get to the call without hindrance, only after permission from the organizer. This option is available exclusively to the initiator of the call.

Video meeting in Google Meet

After receiving permission, users enter the event.

If you, the organizer, have lost the link, then it can be easily restored. To do this, go to the conferences section and open the tab with information about the video call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule multiple meetings at the same time in Google Meet?

There is no such possibility. The organizer can only attend one online event.

Can you start a Google Meet earlier than scheduled?

It is possible to hold a meeting earlier than planned. To do this, you need to make changes to the date and time in the settings. Be sure to warn the participants about the postponement.

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