How to raise your hand in Zoom at a conference and why is it necessary?

18 October 2023

The pandemic has greatly changed many areas of life. Now distance education is no longer viewed as something fantastic. On the contrary, the practice is actively used today. To organize the learning process, special software is used and the most popular program is Zoom. It has a lot of useful tools and features, and in this article we will look at how to raise your hand in Zoom on a computer and why it is needed. 

How to raise your hand in Zoom on a computer

The function of raising the hand during the conference allows the participant to signal his readiness to take the floor. Seeing the appropriate mark, the organizer can pass the word to anyone who wants. Notifications about this are displayed on the lower toolbar. 

It is worth noting that the raising of the hand is carried out by a function from the list of reactions. You can also find other reaction options there, and their configuration can be slightly customized. To do this, you will need to refer to a special section with settings. 

Changing settings

On the “Home” tab, in the upper right corner of the main program window, click on the gear symbol. In the “general” section of the window that opens at the bottom, you can find the item “reaction skin color”. Mark the icon that suits you the most. 

Changing settings

The administrator can also impose a restriction on the use of reactions by conference participants. To do this, you will have to visit the official Zoom website, replacing the “Reactions” item with “Raise your hand”. 

Raising your han

Raising your han

If there is a need to take the floor during the meeting, pay attention to the bottom panel. There you will find the “reactions” tab. Clicking on it will drop a bar with reactions and a “raise your hand” button. 

After sending the request, the organizer will receive a corresponding notification with the user’s nickname. The participant can cancel his decision by clicking on the button again. The organizer can also forcibly lower it by clicking the corresponding button in the “participants” section. 

How to raise your hand at a conference from your phone in Zoom

The next thing that needs to be analyzed in detail is how to raise your hand at a conference from a mobile device in a Zoom. The mobile version of the program is used quite often, because it helps to keep in touch with employees remotely in a convenient, compact format. The principle of operation of this function on mobile platforms is almost identical. 

Changing settings

Changing settings mobile

To change the reaction color, go to the application settings and select the “conferences” tab. At the very bottom of the list you will find the “reaction skin color” and will be able to select the desired parameter by touching it once. As in the desktop version, the organizer can disable reactions through his account on the official website, leaving only the function of raising his hand. 

Raising your hand

Raising your hand mobile

In conference mode, click on the area with three dots in the lower right corner of the screen (more details). In the drop-down list of actions, select “raise your hand”, after which the palm icon will appear at the top of the screen. All participants of the conference will also be able to see this icon. If necessary, cancel your request by repeating the same steps. You can also do this from the participants section. In addition, the meeting administrator has the authority to lower the hand of any participant or all at once, if he sees fit. 

When you need to raise your hand in Zoom

By organizing a multi-user meeting online, the administrator appoints his own rules of participation. Without knowing these rules in advance, you should act based on generally accepted norms:

  • turn off the microphone if you are not currently a speaker;
  • to take the floor, raise your hand and speak when the administrator approves the request;
  • cancel the request yourself if the topic has changed and the approval from the administrator has not been received. 

Before you raise your hand in Zoom on a computer or mobile device, make sure that your information is really important and should be voiced. Notifications in the chat can confuse the speaker with the idea, so the request to transfer the word to you should really be justified. 

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