How to record a conference in Zoom – instructions and useful tips

09 January 2024

Distance work, study, and even communication are becoming more popular. For communication, most people use Zoom, but not all functions are immediately clear to users. For example, there was a need to save conversations, but how to record a conference in Zoom? Let’s analyze different ways to save information, answer the most popular questions. 

How to record a conference in Zoom on a computer

You can record the conference using special programs or without them. Zoom provides functionality that allows you to save video meetings. Let’s analyze individual cases. 

If you are the organizer of the call

Call organizer

The meeting administrator has the right to record his broadcast by default. There are manual and automatic modes. Instructions on how to record a conference in zoom on a computer using manual mode: 

  • join the conversation;
  • on the lower control panel, click the record button;
  • manage saving if necessary;
  • to finish, click the appropriate button;
  • the file will be saved in MP4 format.

Automatic saving can be enabled via your personal account on the website. And if the account is paid, you can also enable saving to the cloud. To activate automatic saving:

  • log in to the site;
  • open your personal account;
  • go to settings;
  • open the Record tab;
  • move the sliders in the desired sections.

After these steps, any created conference will be saved automatically. 

If you are a member of

If you are not the organizer of the meeting, but the record must be saved, you will need administrator permission. To get it, contact the author of the meeting in the chat or ask him for access in any other way. He will select the right person in the “Manage participants” tab and open access. When the request is approved, you will have a record button on the control panel. 

How to record a conference in Zoom without the permission of the organizer


There are situations when it is impossible to send a request to the author of a video call, then third-party tools will come to the rescue. However, before recording the conference in Zoom, you will need to install additional software. To do this, there are many programs that record the screen. Just select the appropriate one, download and install it on your computer. Before starting work, we recommend that you definitely study the functionality, understand it and immediately set the necessary parameters. Otherwise, you will need to spend time on this right before the call, and there is a great risk of not recording important data. 

After the call ends, make sure that it is saved in the right folder and in the required format. Many programs provide the ability to edit a video file. Use it to crop a video file, add titles, and overlay audio. After editing, you will need to export the finished file in the format you need. 

How to record a conference in Zoom on your phone

To do this, you can use the built-in functionality or third-party applications. About each of the methods in order.

Conference recording from the phone via the app

Conference by phone

The mobile version of Zoom provides the ability to configure saving a video conference to disk or to cloud storage. After you install the app on your smartphone, go to the “Conferences” tab and in editing mode, move the slider next to the automatic recording. After that, you can create a new conversation, it will be saved to the specified storage. 

Record a conference on your phone without the permission of the organizer

You can save the meeting without using the internal functionality of the application. This method will be relevant for those who are not the meeting administrator and cannot get permission from him. Next, we will analyze how to record a zoom conference from a phone on different operating systems.


The iOS operating system offers the user a system utility to save the screen recording. To activate it, you need to find the “screen recording” option in the control point and turn it on. Start recording the screen with the corresponding button, and when the conference is over, turn off recording. The clip will automatically be saved to your phone’s gallery. 


More modern versions of Android also support screen recording. You can activate the function through the drop-down curtain on top. If there is no such function, you will have to install third-party software. Download the most suitable application, set the required permissions and understand the functionality in advance. The screen recording is saved in the application folder in the gallery. Some software products support editing functions, which is also very convenient. 

Frequently asked questions

Zoom conference

Before turning on the recording of the conference in zoom, it is worth understanding the most common problems that users may encounter.

What should I do if I can’t record a conference in Zoom?

If a conference participant cannot record a broadcast, in most cases the reason may be the lack of appropriate access rights. One of the options is to ask the administrator for access. If this is not possible, you will have to use a third-party program. There are a lot of such software on the market, programs have additional functions, the ability to edit, and so on. 

In what formats can I record Zoom conferences?

The internal Zoom functionality provides the ability to save clips in a limited range of formats. Video is available in MP4, audio is converted to MP4/M4A. You can export text chat messages to TXT. If this format is not suitable, then it is best to download a third-party program that will convert the resulting clip to the desired format. To do this, it is enough to record the presentation in zoom, upload the source file to the program and set the necessary parameters. Conversion often takes some time, especially if the source file is large. 

How do I crop a Zoom conference recording?

It is often possible to encounter the fact that the conference recording has extra fragments. These may be pieces of recording without any actions, or with unnecessary information. The best way out is to cut off all the excess. The internal functionality of the program does not provide for this, therefore, before recording a conference in zoom, it would not be superfluous to download the editor program. 

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