How to register in Zoom – detailed instructions

01 February 2024

Everyone who is just starting to work with the application is wondering how to register in Zoom. To create your account, you don’t need to spend a lot of time – 2-3 minutes will be enough. The process is completely free, as are the basic services. After registration, you will be able to immediately launch your first call. Let’s look at the step-by-step process through the website and on the phone.

Creating your own account

Before registering a free account, you need to go to the main page of the program and enter your email address. In response, you will receive a notification in which you will need to activate the account.

How to register for Zoom from a computer via the website

How to register in Zoom – detailed instructions

This method does not require downloading and installing the application – it is enough to open the site in a browser. 

Step-by-step process:

  1. Open the main page of the official website and select free registration.
  2. Enter your date of birth – you can enter any numbers, as this is just protection from bots.
  3. In the form that appears, specify the current email address where the link for the authorization process should come.
  4. Click on authorization. You will be automatically redirected to the program page. If this does not happen, you need to copy the link under this button.
  5. Specify the answer “Yes” or “No” to the question about registering a user on behalf of the school.
  6. Enter your initials and password. The requirements for the latter are quite strict, so until you come up with the right combination, registration will not continue further.
  7. The next step related to inviting friends can be skipped if desired.
  8. Complete the registration process and open the application again by entering your username and password.

How to register in Zoom from your phone

How to register in Zoom – detailed instructions

The first way

To register, you need:

  1. Download, carry out the installation process of the program.
  2. Open and select the “Register” button at the bottom.
  3. Specify e-mail, first name, last name.
  4. Log in via email. The technical service of the site will check how correctly your mail is specified.

The second way

The second option is a more accelerated version. The registration process will take place through an account on Facebook or Google services.

Through Facebook, the actions are as follows:

  1. Click on the free registration.
  2. In the form that opens, select “Login with Facebook.
  3. Allow the program to use the account account on the selected service.
  4. Enter the date of birth. Done.

Joining a valid account

If you are invited to the current account, you will receive a notification from the application. After that, you need to click on “Accept request”.

As soon as you accept the invitation to another account, all data (except reports) – from name and photo to chat history and contacts will be transferred. 

Therefore, before accepting the invitation, open and download all the necessary reports. You can agree to it within 30 days.

How to log in to your Zoom account

Log in to Zoom

After you have registered in Zoom, you can log in to the web portal whenever you want at . Next, use the panel on the left side for navigation. Here you can update your profile, schedule a conference, change settings, etc.

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