How to schedule a conference in Zoom – detailed instructions

18 October 2023

The Zoom service offers its users different ways to plan online meetings. In the application, you can change any elements in the settings, except for those that are blocked by the administrator. Consider how to schedule a conference in Zoom on different devices.

How to plan an online call on a PC with Windows, macOS or Linux

Use the desktop version of the application, log in to your account and click on the “Schedule” icon. As a result, the scheduler window should appear.

Open the settings – some of them will be inaccessible to you. This happens when they are disabled and blocked in a deactivated state at the group or account level. You should configure each of the suggested ones. Consider them.



In this field, you need to enter the topic or the name of your conversation.

Date and time

Date and time
  1. Beginning. You can enter it yourself, for example, 15 minutes, or you can choose from the suggested. At the same time, you can always start calling earlier than the deadline.
  2. Time zone – by default, the program will specify the time zone of your PC. If you need to choose another one, click on the menu.
  3. A recurring online meeting. You can choose it only if you plan to hold. The identifier in this case remains unchanged.


  1. Auto–creation is the creation of a random unique online meeting code.
  2. The ID of a personal conversation is the use of your own code.



Consists of:

  1. Access code – enter before joining the scheduled call. At the same time, it must meet the complexity requirements set by the admin.
  2. Waiting room – turn on.
  3. Access – if it is restricted, the connection will be available only to authorized persons who have logged in.


  1. Standard – the keys are in the cloud.
  2. End–to-end – the keys are on the local device.



The organizer must choose whether to include his video at the time of joining the online call. Even if you select “Off”, it will be possible to turn on the broadcast at will. 



Here it is worth deciding on the available options for making calls:

  1. Telephone.
  2. PC sound.
  3. Both options/sound supporter (if there is an option for your account).

When selecting the first or third option, click on “Edit” to select the countries to dial. They should be indicated in the invitation notification. If this is not done, countries for international recruitment will appear by default – they can be found in the settings.



It is also worth deciding on the choice of the calendar service where you will add the conference. Here are a few options:

  1. Outlook. It is enough to choose a model for desktop computers and create an event. It can be used on a Windows desktop.
  2. iCal – for macOS.
  3. Google Calendar – in a web browser.
  4. Other. Paste the copied text into a new window and send it out. You can also download an ICS file suitable for many mail applications.

Advanced parameters

Advanced parameters

If you click on the arrow, you can see the dopparameters of the online meeting.

Permission for users to join before the start

The permission is already enabled, but there is a choice of time – for how many participants can join: five, ten, fifteen minutes or at any time. The online conversation time for basic accounts is 40 minutes.

Mute when entering

If “Join before the organizer” is turned off, the sound will not be turned on when participants join. It can be enabled after logging in. The setting is in the “Manage Participants”.

Request permission to turn on user audio

The organizer sends everyone a request to turn on the sound. If it is rejected, the opportunity to send this message again remains.

Autorecording a conversation

Here it is enough to determine where the recording will be made: to a computer or to a cloud service.

Focus mode at the beginning of an online meeting

It helps to minimize distractions for everyone who is present at the meeting. This feature is relevant for the application 5.9.0 or later.

Enabling additional data processing center regions

The owner or administrator of a paid account can choose regions for transmitting webinar traffic in real time. You can either specify certain ones or opt out of them. At the same time, the default region will be blocked when creating an account.

Permission/prohibition of entry to participants from specific regions and countries

The organizer has the right to permission to join/to block users from certain countries. 

For whom to provide

If you have the privilege of scheduling on behalf of a third-party participant, you can independently choose from the menu who will schedule the meeting. The latter can be marked as private in Outlook. In the absence of the possibility of managing a private event, such users will not display the invitation link, as well as the name of the online meeting and the list of those present.

Showing in the list of public events

Here you need to add an event to the open calendar, which is associated with a memorable link.

Alternative organizers

To transfer permission to start an online call, you need to enter the email address of another person. The main thing is that it must be licensed and listed in your account. If the mode is already activated, you can check the “Allow adding/changing polls” checkbox. But this function requires a desktop version of the program or mobile Apps 5.8.0 and later.


Enabling interpretation is only available on the desktop for Windows and macOS.

To finish working with the advanced settings, click “Save”. Then you can open the calendar and add an appointment. When planning a recurring event, set a repetition in the service. When you select “Other calendars”, you will have the opportunity to copy and paste data about the scheduled meeting.

How to schedule a conference in Zoom on an Android or iOS phone

In general, you can create a delayed call on a smartphone in almost the same way – for both Android and iPhone/iPad.

The mobile version has a different interface, but there are other features.

How to schedule a conference in phone

The planning process is simple:

  1. Use the bottom panel to get to the “Home” tab.
  2. In the upper corner of the screen you will find the planning block. Here it is also possible to change the main and additional settings, for example, time zone, duration, autorun. In the mobile version, the deferred event differs in its parameter. We are talking about the mentioned call recording, which is represented by a separate item, but is not available for use.
  3. Finish setting up and click “Save”.
  4. Send out invitations to participants using the template and email addresses.

If you want to enter the conversation yourself, especially before the set date, go to the “Conferences” section, and then tap the block with information about it and “Start”. As a result, you will be connected as an organizer and will be able to log out and log in again at any time.

If you want to cancel a meeting before a certain date, go to the scheduled call card and click “Delete”. In the window that appears, confirm your action – this way you will block access for the invited. In the corner of the screen there is an inscription “Edit”, which can also be used to change most parameters, for example, the time of the event.

It is worth noting that for two versions, it is important to combine a delayed call with a paid internal subscription. This allows you to fully cover the maximum timers, use access to additional functions like recording a meeting in the cloud and expand the number of available seats in a group chat.

How to schedule a meeting in the Zoom web portal


Working with the web portal is simple. To plan a call:

  1. Open Zoom Web Portal, log in to your account.
  2. Click on “Conferences”, and then go to the planning block.
  3. Select options – some may be disabled. In general, they are almost the same as for the desktop version. You need to enter a topic, an additional description, apply a template, set time indicators, duration, time zone, etc.
  4. Click on the “Save” button. 
  5. Send an invitation to other people.
  6. Done. You can start conducting training, trainings, meetings online.

Special attention should be paid to the features of the registration parameter. Check the box here if it is required for your call. As a result, instead of the login URL, you will have a link to register.

If you need to register and repeat a call, you need to select one of the suggested parameters:

  1. Users register 1 time and have the right to participate in each event – the opportunity to attend all calls. 
  2. Participants need to register for each meeting separately – it is allowed to choose only one date and time.
  3. Participants can register 1 time and attend one or more events. Here you need to select the date and time for registration in certain calls.

Now you are familiar with all the stages of work in the application and know how to schedule a conference in Zoom on PC, phone and in the web portal.

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