How to set up the camera correctly in Zoom

18 January 2024

Applications for online conferences open up huge opportunities for building work, training, and everyday communication processes. One of the important functions is video communication, which creates the effect of presence, even if the interlocutors are far away. In the article we will analyze how to set up the camera in Zoom and find out what difficulties may occur in the process. 

Setting up the camera in Zoom on a computer

Users of the app or web version can customize their camera. There are two ways – automatic and manual. We will focus on each of them in more detail. 

Method 1: Automatically


You can adjust the Zoom so that the video sequence turns on automatically as soon as you connect to an online meeting. Before setting up the camera on your computer for Zoom, run the program and go to settings. You can find this section by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner. 


A menu with various parameters will open, but now the “video image” item is required, click on it. You will be redirected to a preview window with camera and image parameters. You can adjust the image by using a certain set of functions in the “my video” block. 

Turn off my video

In order for the video call to start automatically every time you connect to an online meeting, scroll down to “Turn off my video when entering the conference”. Here you need to uncheck the checkbox. This completes the process of adjusting the automatic inclusion of the video broadcast. 

Method 2: Manually

Start Video

Regardless of the settings, the user can control video communication during the conference. To do this, during the current meeting, click on the camera icon on the lower menu bar to turn on the video stream. Clicking on this icon again will disable it. 

Setting up the camera in Zoom on a smartphone

Users who prefer to use Zoom on mobile platforms can also adjust video settings. First of all, allow access to the components. If you didn’t do it right away, at the first launch, you will need to go to the settings on your mobile device. 

Select “applications” and find Zoom in the list. Clicking on it will take you to the “details” section, where the permissions for applications are located. Select this section, click on the “camera” item and mark “allow” next to it. The next step is to manage the parameters in the program itself. 

Method 1: Automatically

Automatically phone

The automatic start of the video when connected to the conference is performed in a similar way as in the case of a PC. To do this, go to the settings inside the application and select the “conference” section. Next to the “Always turn off my video” item, set the slider to the active position. Now, when the meeting starts, the video sequence will be broadcast without any additional manipulations. Perform the reverse actions if you do not want the video to start automatically.

Method 2: Manually

Manually phone

Many people are interested in knowing how to allow Zoom access to the camera in manual mode. The forced launch of the video, even if it is disabled in the settings, is indeed possible directly during an online meeting. On the bottom toolbar, find the “enable video” icon and click on it. After that, the broadcast will begin, which can be completed by pressing the button again.

Virtual background

The zoom has many useful and interesting functions, including the ability to replace the background with a virtual one. Both a picture and a video can serve as the source image. This will allow you to diversify the meeting and create a special atmosphere.

To start the function, go to settings and click on the “virtual background” tab. From the suggested images, choose the most appropriate one. Now your conference will be special. 

Problem solving

Problem solving

Users often encounter various problems in the process of using the program. Most often, the problem lies in the device itself, which means you need to check the system settings and make sure that access to the device components (video, audio) is open. 

Difficulties may arise even if the camera is already being used by another program. Then close all applications and restart the video connection. Having figured out how to set up the camera in Zoom on different platforms, you will simplify the process of communicating with colleagues, acquaintances and

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