How to make a screencast in the Zoom program on your computer and phone

05 March 2024

Sometimes you want to save an important meeting so that you can return to the abstracts later. Although the application has such capabilities, it is not always possible to record the screen using the built-in tools. It is worth figuring out how to make a screencast in Zoom, and what methods exist for this.

Method 1. Recording a Zoom conference without third-party programs

To capture the screen and save the meeting, you can use the built-in function. To activate it, you will need to perform several actions.

If you are the organizer of the call

As the meeting administrator, it will be easier for you to launch the screen capture feature. You can configure it in automatic or manual mode. To automate the process, go to the scheduling menu and in the advanced options, select the checkbox next to the item «Automatically record a conference on a local computer». Save the settings so that the changes take effect. After that, you can go to the settings to configure the «record» parameter in more detail.

Recording a conference in Zoom

The next option is to start saving already in an active conference. To do this, while in the status of the meeting organizer, you can click «advanced» in the lower right corner of the screen. In the drop-down list, select «record to this computer». After that, the broadcast capture will begin, and the recording control panel will appear in the upper left corner. All connected participants will be notified about the start of recording. When you finish recording, you will not be able to view the file immediately. Leave the conference and wait for processing.

If you are a participant

There is no possibility for guests to record the conference with built-in tools. You will need to ask for admission from the organizer. You can do this in person, if you know each other, via messengers or directly in the app chat. If the organizer does not mind, he will set the required permission through the «advanced» menu. The participant will receive a notification and will be able to record the meeting.

Method 2. Using the On-Screen Camera program

The next common method that is potentially available to every user is the On–screen Camera program. You can use it to save the conference, even if the meeting organizer has set a ban on this action. In addition, none of the participants will be able to find out that a recording is being made. Also, this software allows you to edit the resulting video file, it does not load the system, it is easy to use, intuitive. 

Step 1. Install the On-Screen Camera program

First, install the program on your device. The installation file can be easily found online for free. After downloading, run the installation and follow the on-screen recommendations.

Step 2. Select the parameters

When the program is installed, run it to configure it as needed. Check the boxes on the parameters that you want to use. If the meeting is scheduled at a certain time, you can set the necessary parameters in the program, and recording will start automatically on time. To do this, find the «schedule» item in the right column and enter the necessary data. Do not forget to specify the location where the file is saved and the action after disabling the recording. 

Step 3. Record the broadcast

The program provides the ability to capture a full screen, or a specific highlighted area. If you only need a section, select it with the cursor. Now all that remains is to press the red circle on the recording control panel to start capturing. In addition to the control panel, you can give commands with hot keys – F8 will pause, F10 will stop recording completely. 

Step 4. Process the video file (optional)

Many people also love this software for the fact that you can immediately process the recorded file using internal tools. When the capture of the broadcast stops, the video file will open in a separate player for preview. Save it to your hard drive or click the edit button to make changes to it before saving.

The following functions are available in the edit menu:

  • clip cropping; 
  • adding an initial and final splash screen; 
  • overlay a separate audio track.

Step 5. Export the video files

When all the manipulations have been performed and you are satisfied with the result, export the clip in the desired format. The most popular formats are MP4 and AVI, and the developers have created convenient sitelinks for them. You can select other extensions in the program, they are available in the options menu on the third tab. Next, the user goes to the tab where they can adjust the save settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are very often asked by Zoom users who decide to record a conference. We will analyze a few of the most popular ones. 

Where is the record stored?

You can choose where to save the video yourself through the settings of the client or a third-party application such as an on-screen camera. If you did not set up the save location in advance and use the built-in Zoom functionality, then go to the «conferences» tab and click «recorded». Also, on your device, you can go to the system folder «documents» and find previously saved files there. 

How can I record a conference in Zoom to a participant without permission?

We have already noted that before making a screencast in Zoom using the built-in tools, being a participant in the meeting, you will need to request administrator rights. If this is not possible, then the only way is to install third–party software. In addition to the on-screen camera, there is another similar software. Many phones also have a pre-installed application that allows you to capture the screen. This makes it possible to record the conference even using a mobile client.

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