How to use Microsoft Teams – detailed instructions

18 October 2023

Methods of remote interaction are developing especially actively after 2019. Programs are being improved, their functionality is becoming more extensive. In the article we will analyze how to use Microsoft Teams – one of the most popular platforms for organizing teamwork.

Service description

The Microsoft Teams program was created specifically to simplify interaction between team members. The business version is especially common. It is used to establish communication between different links: heads of companies, departments, subordinates, as well as to solve important issues. 

In addition, MS Teams is perfect for organizing the educational process. The functionality allows you to organize lectures, conferences, hold numerous meetings with. All the user has to do is register and choose the optimal usage plan. 

The convenience of the program lies in its versatility. It is available on all popular platforms. The basic version can be used for free and it has enough functions for organizing office processes. 

Tariffs and cost

Tariffs and cost

In addition to the free basic tariff, the service offers paid subscriptions. Let’s get acquainted in more detail with the most popular tariff options. 

Basic (free)

  • calls lasting up to one hour; 
  • meetings for 100 participants; 
  • up to 5 GB of space in One Drive; 
  • messaging without restrictions; 
  • data encryption; 
  • file sharing.

Basic for licensed Microsoft 365

Holders of the licensed version of Microsoft 365 can use the advanced features of the basic version of the program, namely:

  • meetings for 300 participants; 
  • calls up to 30 hours; 
  • 1 TB in cloud storage (up to 6 TB for the family version, one per user); 
  • advanced Outlook features; 
  • connect up to 6 users by family subscription.

Microsoft Teams also offers users paid subscription options.

Basic (free)

The basic tariff will cost 288 rubles/month. It includes:

  • 30 hours of meetings; 
  • up to 300 meeting participants; 
  • 10 GB cloud storage capacity; 
  • round-the-clock technical support.

365 business basic

The cost of the tariff is 360 rubles/month. In addition to the capabilities of the basic version , it is available:

  • recordings and transcripts of meetings; 
  • mobile and web versions of office applications; 
  • 1 TB of space in the cloud storage; 
  • corporate mailbox.

365 business standard

The tariff, which costs 900.10 rubles / month, in addition to the capabilities of the previous version, includes:

  • classic Office with advanced functionality; 
  • webinar opportunities; 
  • reporting tools; 
  • registration of participants; 
  • tools for managing meetings with clients.

How to use MS Teams

Using MS Teams in general should not cause difficulties for experienced users. The interface is intuitive, and the functionality is extensive enough to simplify the work as much as possible. Nevertheless, it is worth analyzing the whole process in more detail so that there are no more questions about the use. 

PC program

The desktop version of the program is a faithful assistant in organizing meetings, meetings and conferences. To start using it and master all the variety of functionality, you need to get acquainted with them in detail.

Downloading to your computer

Downloading to your computer

Download the client to your computer via the official website. The browser version does not work so correctly, so for more stable functioning it is better to download the program. There will be no problems with organizing conferences with a large number of participants, showing the screen and other functions. To download, you will need to pass authorization, after which the program will become available for download. When the download is complete, install the software and run it. 

Account Preparation

The user profile will not need to be created again. The account will be the same as when logging in to the site. To start using the program, configure it to suit your own needs. To do this, click on your avatar. You can also connect another profile, for which a separate function is provided in the settings drop-down window. 

The user has the opportunity to set a signature to the status, which will display an important thesis, type of activity or other relevant information that needs to be immediately conveyed to other participants. To do this, click “Set a status signature” to the right of the “Online” label. To go to the settings section, click “Account Management”. In the “Accounts” tab, you can view and manage connected profiles. 

Program settings

Program settings

There are not so many settings in the desktop version of Microsoft Teams, but they can make working in it much more comfortable. You can open the settings menu by clicking on the three horizontal dots next to the profile icon. Here you can manage scaling, view the list of hotkeys, check for updates, download the mobile version.

Other settings can be viewed in the tab with the same name. In the section with general settings, the user can select a theme and configure some parameters in the “application” mode. Use the “privacy” parameter to manage blocked contacts, set restrictions on contact data. In the “sound” section, adjust the parameters in chats and calls. 

Contact search

Contact search

Since Microsoft Teams is designed for communication, the contact search function is one of the key ones. To simplify the organizer’s communication with specific participants, use the search bar. You can enter both a phone number and an email address. 

Actions with meetings and chats

Actions with meetings and chats

Users spend most of their time in chats or meetings, where they discuss important topics and solve current issues. To find the necessary conversation or create a new one, open the “chat” tab, where the entire list of recent conversations will be displayed. Just click on the one you need and write a message to the participants. 

Create a new dialog by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the chat, invite new participants to it through the search box at the bottom of the dialog. You can assign an original name to any dialog. You can form a group conversation from an individual chat through the “add contact” icon in the upper right corner. Incoming invitations are also displayed in the same section (“chat”). 

Viewing the notification feed

Actions with meetings and chats

The “Actions” section contains all incoming notifications addressed directly to the user, as well as system updates, future meetings or meetings, and some contact actions. 

Calendar maintenance

How to use Microsoft Teams – detailed instructions

Another convenient feature of Teams is the calendar, which displays all scheduled events. To add a meeting, click on the “create meeting” button in the upper right corner. There is a button nearby that allows you to start the meeting immediately. All the necessary functions are provided for adding, including the possibility of repeating on certain days, adding locations, and so on. 

Personal calls or meetings

How to use Microsoft Teams – detailed instructions

You can start a meeting in the format of a text, video or audio message. In the chat section, in the upper right corner, select the appropriate icon that will allow you to start a video, audio call, or start a presentation with a screen demonstration. To manage the conference process, use the icons at the top of the screen

Mobile application

Next, we will analyze how to use MS Teams for mobile platforms. Most prefer this format, because it allows you to stay in touch constantly. 

Download and install

Download and install

You can install the app through the official Google Play store or the App Store. 

Registration and login

Registration will not cause difficulties. It is enough to enter the data of an existing account or create a new one. Even if you don’t have an account, you can join the conference as a spectator. Install a profile photo, configure the application functions to suit your own needs. 

User settings

User settings from mobile

Most functions cannot be controlled in guest mode. They become available only after full registration. In the desktop version, there are fewer customization options, while the application is ready to please the user with extensive features. 

Set status message

To open the settings, click on the icon of your profile icon. Here you can set a status that will indicate to other participants whether you are in place or have moved away. In the Settings tab, you can change the interface settings, manage notifications, storage, and translation. Other personalization options are located in the “personal” tab.

Search and create text chats

Chats phone

Start chatting by creating a text chat. If you downloaded the application by invitation, then it will already be displayed in notifications, you will only have to accept it. Open access to your contacts to make it easier to add members. Additional communication options can be viewed in the “dashboard” tab. 

Meeting organization

Meeting organization

It’s time to arrange a meeting. To do this, in the “meeting” section, click “Quick unplanned meeting” or find a ready unplanned event in the list. Assign a name to your event, and the generated link will allow you to invite other participants. To become a member, you will need to confirm your intention with the “join” button. Through the menu of additional actions, you can manage the conversation. 

Additional actions

In the lower right corner, you can find the “advanced” section. In it, the developers have placed functions that are used less often, namely: 

  • calls to make calls from the app to a phone number if there is an appropriate tariff plan;
  • calendar allows you to schedule meetings for certain dates, in the future its functions will be expanded;
  • the safe is designed to store a certain amount of data protected by a special encryption algorithm;
  • files are a place for cloud storage of documents and various objects that can be quickly sent to other users;
  • “saved” displays files saved by the user that can be edited;
  • Tasks is a notebook where you can make notes, outline dated plans that you can’t forget about. 

Having analyzed in detail how to use Microsoft Teams, you will no longer have any questions, and the functionality of the program will be used to the maximum.

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