How to put an avatar on a profile in Zoom

15 November 2023

The popular online conference application Zoom has long broken all records for downloading. This is a convenient client that can be used on any platform. It simplifies work, study, ordinary everyday communication and is endowed with a large number of useful functions. In the article we will analyze how to put an avatar with a picture or your portrait in Zoom in order to personalize your account, make it recognizable. 

Changing profile data in Zoom via the Web version

Web version

You can change any data in the web version on your computer or phone. It is enough to go to the site, log in under your nickname and password. In the “profile” section, click “edit” under the avatar bar. A new window will open for you, in which you need to click on the “upload” button. Select the desired image in the folder of your device and open it. Adjust the settings and click “save”. Now the picture you selected will be displayed in your account. 

How to put a profile photo in the Zoom app on a PC

There is another way to install an avatar. Use the desktop version of the application for this. Let’s analyze two solutions to this problem.

Option 1: Program settings

Program settings

Launch the application on your PC and click on the gear icon in the upper right corner. A window opens with sections of various settings. You need the profile tab. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to the file system, where you can select the desired image. It remains only to adjust it and save it as an avatar. 

Option 2: Conference window

Conference window

You can also make changes through the conference window during the communication session. Find the “participants” icon on the bottom toolbar and click on it. In the list that opens, select your own, hover the cursor over it and click the “advanced” button. In the list of possible actions, select “add profile picture”.



Then it will also be necessary to select a photo, adjust it and save it. Now all participants will be able to see the selected picture next to your name. Knowing the different ways you will be able to fully use the available functionality of the application.

How to set an avatar photo in Zoom via smartphone

Profile Photo

You can personalize your account using the mobile platform if you are more used to using it. Launch the app on your device and go to settings. This is the gear icon in the lower right corner of the screen. After going to this section, you need to click on the login to switch to the personal information editing mode. The very first menu item is “profile photo” – click on it. 


You will see a list with several options for attaching an image. You can choose it from the gallery or take a picture at this minute: 

  1. Take a picture. You will be redirected to the camera app where you can take a picture, adjust it and save it as an avatar. 
  2. Select a photo. A list of available images from your device will open, where you will need to select the one you need, edit it and install it. 

Now you know how to put an avatar with any image in Zoom and even in several ways. You may notice that this process is simple, but it allows you to personalize your account, make it recognizable among colleagues, friends and other participants of online conferences. 

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