How to show a presentation in Zoom via computer or phone

18 October 2023

Zoom is one of the most popular platforms for organizing multi–user remote interaction. The functionality of this program is extensive, but not all users know how to show a presentation in Zoom. This function allows you to simplify the presentation of information, make communication lively and understandable. 

How to show a presentation in Zoom via computer

Zoom is a multiplatform application that allows the user to choose the most convenient way to communicate. The desktop version is used more often, and it is more convenient to make a presentation on it. Make sure that your project is downloaded to your computer and ready for broadcast.

Presentation viewer

Presentation viewer

PowerPoint, which is already installed on most computers or laptops, is ideally suited for viewing presentations. The user must launch it and upload the project for display. On the Slide Show tab, you can set the settings for broadcasting the project at the desired pace and select other important parameters.

New Meeting

Then, already in the Zoom application, start the conference, click on the screen demonstration. Select the “Basic” tab and mark the block with the program for broadcasting the presentation. After that, click on the “sharing” button and participants will be able to see the project on their screens. 

The display control panel is located at the top of the screen and allows you to stop the broadcast at any time, remove the sound, image, leave a comment, leave notes on top of the image, and so on. To manage the slide show, use PowerPoint tools. To stop the demonstration completely, click “Stop demonstration” in the block under the control panel.

Share Screen


Even without having a special program to demonstrate a slideshow, and not knowing how to show a presentation in Zoom via a computer, you can find a way out using a regular browser. There are online services that allow you to broadcast presentations without installing software. In particular, Google has such a tool. 

Stop share

Open Google Presentations, log in under your account or create a new one, then upload the presentation file by clicking on the folder icon on the right. You can drag it into the field that opens or select a file on your PC. It remains only to launch it through the Zoom in the already known way. 

Demonstration of files in Zoom

Google Drive

In addition, the demonstration of files can be carried out from the cloud storage, directly with the tools in Zoom. You only need to pre-upload the necessary files to Google Cloud. After that, open the screen demonstration in the conference in the usual way, but in the next step, select the “files” tab instead of “basic”. 


As a result of these actions, a browser page with a demo will open, where you need to click “Connect”. Log in, find your presentation file in the cloud and click on it. In the “Anyone with the link” window, check the box and click “Share Screen”. After confirmation, the demo will start. 

How to launch a Zoom presentation from a smartphone

Some users prefer to use a mobile device for conferences. The presentation function is also available in it. To do this, launch the presentation and click on the share tab. And choose the broadcast method. 

If you are using a file uploaded to your phone, then mark it and allow access. To demonstrate from Google Drive, you will need to select the desired option and log in under your account. Next, click “sharing” and hold the conference as planned. 

Types of demonstration problems and ways to fix them

Zoom is a pretty thoughtful application, but even when using it, the user may encounter problems. Most often they can be associated with an Internet connection, an insufficiently productive system, failures in the program itself. Let’s analyze a few of the most common problems: 

  1. The presentation is not visible to other conference participants. In this case, check your Internet speed, because of a weak connection, the broadcast may not be displayed. 
  2. If the organizer does not display a list of those present, then the case is most likely in active fullscreen mode. To fix the problem, turn it off. 
  3. Audio and text communication is not available to participants. Check whether the microphone is turned on and the ability to comment.
  4. Presentation problems can be caused by various reasons. The best way is to restart the program and check it for errors. 
  5. There is often no image in the conference only because the organizer has disabled this feature. 

In the article, we have analyzed in detail how to show a presentation from a computer or phone in Zoom, the algorithm of actions and the most common problems. Now you will be able to use all the functionality of the program more confidently and make your conferences more visual and interesting. 

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