How to make a summary of the results of the meeting and how does it differ from the minutes of the meeting?

10 October 2023

Summary of the meeting is a report on the discussions, important actions, announcements of the meeting. It should also include details for employees who for some reason could not attend the meeting. It is very important that only valuable and easy-to-understand information gets into the resume. Let’s consider the features of its compilation.

About the report

About the report

The summary of the meeting is often a message that is sent to the participants by email. It contains a brief overview of the information and reminds each participant what action he should perform. Also, the brief summary of the meeting should reflect the deadlines for the implementation of project activities.

Plus, such a report helps participants – this way it is more likely that they will be able to remember important details and not miss anything. This format is suitable for any employee/client.

Step-by-step process of sending a report

As already mentioned, the results are sent to e-mail. It is important that they reach the right audience. The whole process consists of the following steps.

Briefly note the important nuances

Briefly note important nuances

At a meeting, you should record extremely important events, for example, tasks for employees, announcements. In the notes, you can also specify the implemented changes (if any). In the future, they will help the staff.

Identify the recipients of the letter

After writing a resume based on the results of the meeting, address it to the participants, employees or clients who were present and to everyone who failed to come. If there are strangers at the meeting, hand out an attendance sheet where they can indicate their contacts. If this could not be done, contact the person who invited everyone or contact the management for help. The manager knows who should receive the report. This way you can send the document to anyone who might benefit from the meeting information.

Thank all the participants for their time

Thank all the participants for their time

The letter should definitely thank the audience for being able to allocate their time to attend the meeting. You can also express gratitude to those who provided the presentation/report. All this will make it possible to start the letter with a positive attitude and will set an enthusiastic tone to your message.

List discussions

At the beginning of the main part of the letter, it is worth paying attention to important information. For example, you can write about goals, a plan for the future, and actions taken. It is better to try to do reviews briefly.

Define the following steps

Thank all participants for their time

The second part of the main paragraph should consist of important points, actions. For example, you can write about new projects, tasks for employees, as well as strategic steps. When marking the items, specify the deadlines that the management has set.

For convenience, you can list tasks in separate paragraphs with the name of the performer and the date of completion.

Supplement the letter with supporting documentation (if necessary)

If there is additional documentation from visitors/supervisors, attach it to the letter. As a benefit to employees, send instructions/recommendations. This will help you work with complex projects.

Enable reminder of new meeting date

Enable reminder of new meeting date

When completing the letter, do not forget to specify the date of the next meeting, if it has already been set. So, the staff will be able to add this event to their calendars. If it was not discussed at the meeting, you can ask the management.

Check and send to recipients

After writing an email, you need to add your signature. Check the message for errors and make sure that it contains only up-to-date data. After correcting the document, send a letter to the management for approval. If the manager approves, send it to the recipients.

Example of summing up

Summary example

Hello, colleagues.

Today at 16:00 we talked about the implementation of CRM in your company.

I summarize (if I heard wrong, correct):

  1. The project implementation management on your part will be handled by “First Name, last name”.
  2. By October 2020, a complete transition of the sales department from the old CRM to the new one is planned.
  3. By the time of the transition, working regulations regarding the system should be prepared.
  4. The first quarter will be involved in working out the visualization of the results of the department.
  5. On July 13, the board of directors will determine the terms and conditions for launching the project.

Our next steps:

  1. Define the fields in the transaction card – “Employee name”, by 08.07 (the list of possible ones is attached to the message).
  2. Send an example of a sales manager report – “Employee name”, by 05.08.
  3. Prepare an idea for automating reports – “Employee’s name”, by 08.09.
  4. Determine the date of the meeting on the topic “Data Visualization” – “Employee name”, 15.02.

Thank you for the meeting! If you have any questions, I am ready to answer.

Sincerely, “First name, last name”.

When writing any letter, especially for a client, remember that it can be forwarded without comments. Therefore, it is important for the recipient to understand what it says. Also, the need to re–read the letter may appear after 6 months – any participant should be able to remember what happened at the meeting from it.

is often asked

is often asked

How is the summing up of the meeting different from the minutes of the meeting?

Both documents are overview documents, but the minutes of the meeting are more official and detailed. It is compiled on certain issues with details of some conversations (at the request of the head).

Is there a need to send a resume after phone calls?

When holding a virtual meeting by phone, you can send a resume by mail with a summary of your dialogue and further steps. There is also an option to send CC to your manager to report the conversation. Your letter will help to briefly explain the details of the latter.

Who is usually engaged in sending resumes by e-mail?

This task is more often assigned to an executive assistant or a customer service manager.


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