What is a transcript of a meeting and why is it needed?

18 June 2024

Meetings are an important part of communication in any company. For organizations that take a detailed and thorough approach to processes, it is especially important to review old records. To ensure that the productivity of the team does not fall, there is a transcript of the meeting – conversion into written text. It allows you to create a permanent, easily accessible meeting record. Let’s look at the features of video conferencing and how to decrypt meetings.

What is videoconferencing and what does its system consist of?

Video conferencing

Videoconferencing is an Internet technology that allows 2 or more users to hold meetings without being in one place.

With its help, you can conduct business calls, conclude business deals, and conduct job interviews. 

Decoding of the abbreviation of the videoconference meeting – videoconference. Further in the text, we will use both options.

The VCS system includes the following elements:

  1. A terminal is a user’s special device that accepts video calls. It can be a smartphone or tablet.
  2. The VKS server is an «intermediary» that smooths the technical limitations of various terminals and ensures the exchange of information. His main task is to be responsible for the group video session.
  3. Peripheral equipment – special video cameras (PTZ), microphones, speakerphones for organizing conferences in the congress hall.
  4. Infrastructure. We are talking about video processing, data transmission, integration with external solutions.

How the VKS works

Sound and image in the VCS are transmitted thanks to peripheral equipment, as well as special programs. The transmission is carried out both through the corporate network and via the Internet. To establish compatibility between software and hardware from different manufacturers, you need to apply standard protocols for information transfer. Audio and video codecs are used to compress and decompress audio with an image. 

The most important aspect is data compression. It allows you to effectively transmit sound and image. Thanks to audio and video codecs, data is compressed and reproduced on the side of the participants. As a result, the amount of data transfer is reduced, which means that the sound and picture are reproduced smoothly.

Advantages of VKS meetings for business

Business meeting
  1. Visual interaction – you can see and hear your interlocutor.
  2. Improved communication and cooperation – the perception of accurate information, the ability to see the emotions of the interlocutor.
  3. Saving time and resources – the ability to hold meetings remotely, not spent on transportation.
  4. Mobility – you can communicate from anywhere.
  5. Easy to use – it is enough to have a PC or mobile device, follow the link / through the application to the meeting.
  6. Regulating the number of users – you can organize meetings for one or more participants.
  7. The ability to demonstrate – with the help of a screen demonstration, you can visually show graphs, tables, and other files.
  8. Privacy – modern systems protect data.

Additional features of the VKS may include corporate messengers, the ability to integrate with third-party platforms, and tools for collaboration.

Areas of application of videoconferencing

VKS is widely applicable in various fields:

  1. Business: companies can hold virtual meetings, presentations, and trainings. This is a good solution to reduce travel expenses.
  2. The public sector. Video calls enable civil servants to quickly solve problems, instead of going to the other side of the city for advice.
  3. Industry. With the help of VKS, you can receive online reports on the performance of products, which means that you can quickly improve their quality.
  4. Healthcare. Doctors use it both for remote consultations and for participation in operations.
  5. Education. Here we are talking about distance learning, communication between teachers and students. In addition, a good solution would be to use the transcript of the VKS meeting in the field of education so that students can return to the issues discussed at any time or make a textbook from a video course.
  6. HR: specialists can evaluate candidates for vacancies, as well as hold an interactive meeting.

Models for the implementation of VCS systems


Video conferencing

The customer fully controls the VCS, and all connections will pass through his local network. Most often we are talking about conference rooms. For such solutions, you will need special equipment and special offers. The principle of operation is as follows:

  1. Processing of traffic flows using the protocols of the manufacturing company.
  2. Encryption of audio and image codecs into digital data for transmission.
  3. Reverse decoding.


In this case, the company pays only for the use of resources. Such systems do not require special equipment, communication takes place through the customer’s terminals – simple PCs or smartphones.

Such systems are public, that is, they store data abroad, which can damage business. For companies from the Russian Federation, it is now important that the servers are located on its territory.


Combines the two solutions mentioned above. For example, a local network can be used for internal communication, and the Internet can be used for external communication. If the internal system does not have enough capacity to hold a large call, you can use the cloud service.

What kind of equipment is required for VCS

Before choosing the equipment, decide where you will hold the conference and which connection method to use. The main components are considered to be:

  1. Audio systems – enhance, provide clear and understandable sound.
  2. PTZ cameras – can rotate, tilt, and zoom the picture. 
  3. Speakerphones – combining microphones with speakers to suppress echo and noise.
  4. LCD screens – it is better to have 2 screens: for displaying participants, presentations.
  5. Software.

There is a huge selection of equipment on the market – from different camera models, audio systems to displays. It all depends on the needs and budget of the company.

Top 5 programs for video meetings


What is a transcript of a meeting and why is it needed?

There is a mobile and desktop version. Of the possibilities:

  • screen demonstration;
  • editing notes together;
  • file sharing;
  • archiving records;
  • the ability to select a background;
  • noise reduction.

With free use, the number of participants can reach up to a hundred people, and the duration of the call can be up to 40 minutes.


Provides calls with up to 50 users. You can also communicate in the service via the browser. Of the main options:

  • screen demonstration;
  • blurring the background;
  • recording chats;
  • enabling subtitles.

Google Meet

Part of the Google Workspace office site. The tool is designed for business needs with the ability to serve a large number of users at the same time. It also has intelligence functions, quick access buttons, a mobile phone app and a web version. It is suitable for working with different equipment.


A separate web call service provides for the connection of up to 150 people in the free version. You can also use special business traffic, which involves the participation of up to 250 users. In the program, you can display the screen, integrate with Outlook, Google calendar.



The application allows for a call for 10 users. You can communicate on any device – from smartphones, laptops to computers, regular browsers. The latest version of the program has been adapted to work with the domestic Baikal-M processor, the Astra Linux operating system and the Russian Graviton PC.

How to choose a VKS system

When choosing, be guided by the goals and priorities of the company. Initially, solve the issue of data transfer security, the main parameters:

  1. The number of participants.
  2. The required frequency of switching on the video mode.
  3. The average duration of the call.
  4. The main format of the call.
  5. The presence of risks, for example, loss of access to the conference for participants.

Depending on the type of meeting you plan, decide which set of tools and requirements you need. If there is a high probability of failures or there is a risk of data leakage, it is better to use your own VCS system instead of public services.

Also, do not forget about the comfort of the participants, the convenience of work, and data storage. For example, you can call users from the address book instead of sending an invitation link.

Transcript of the VKS meeting – what is it in simple words and why is it needed?

Decoding of VCS is the process of converting voice content into text from video recordings. It makes it possible for visual artists to better assimilate the material, not spend a lot of time on “dictation” at meetings, and systematize information.

The decryption is needed to:

  • do not be distracted from the discussions at the meeting;
  • at any time, return to the issues that were discussed;
  • save time;
  • increase the ROI, because the time spent by an important speaker is very expensive.

How are transcripts used?

Video call

The transcript of the VCS meetings (transcript) can be used as a source of information for marketing. For example, if employees talk about changes or trends in the industry, the supervisor can turn the transcript into:

  1. Publishing a blog.
  2. The script of the video for the YouTube channel.
  3. An episode of the podcast.
  4. A post on social networks.

Such a tool will give you the opportunity to get content fragments from a document, as well as help you show your experience and strengthen your business reputation.

Step-by-step guide to transcribing meetings

You can take care of the decryption process yourself or ask for help from specialists. In general, the process should not cause difficulties. Let’s look at it step by step.

Make a record of the meeting

There are several ways to record a meeting – it all depends on where it is held and how many people are present. Variants:

  1. Software for recording screen and sound.
  2. A smartphone for meeting with multiple users.
  3. Various microphones for large meetings.
  4. Software with recording and transcription functions.

Whatever you choose, be sure to test your choice before starting the call.

Listen to the file

What is a transcript of a meeting and why is it needed?

Transfer the file to your PC and listen to it. This way you can determine if there are any sound drops.

Start transcribing

The easiest way is to print the text. Punctuation and spelling do not need to be paid attention to at this stage. When changing the speaker, add a line break to add the name later.

Edit the transcription

Check for inaccurate words and listen to the recording again. Review the resulting file, and then proceed to edit the grammar and spelling.

Add names and times

At this stage, you need to add timestamps and the names of the speakers. To do this, you will have to stop the video every time and fill in the blanks with the following details: [time by hours, minutes, seconds] [speaker]: (Speech)

Only then will you be able to make a full and accurate transcript of the video meeting.

Is it possible to auto-decrypt meetings?

The video can be converted to text, but it’s a monotonous job. Not everyone will be able to sit still for so much time, to concentrate their attention on the case as much as possible. An alternative to manually transcribing meetings is software that performs the entire process automatically. 

It is based on a combination of speech recognition and natural language processing algorithms, which significantly facilitates the creation of accurate transcripts.

The principle of operation is as follows:

  1. Create a meeting record.
  2. Uploading a file to the FIELD.
  3. The process of automatic conversion to text.
  4. Receiving a completion notification.
  5. Edit a text file and save it in the selected format.

The main advantage of the automatic transcription platform is getting rid of most of the systematic work on decoding. Globally, it saves a lot of time, facilitates the entire workflow. Moreover, when transcribing the meeting into text, participants will be involved in discussions in real time.

Automatic summary of meetings in Zoom / Google Meets / Microsoft Teams